Wisconsin vacuum pumps and components   Wisconsin vacuum pumps and components

Wisconsin vacuum pumps and components       
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Dorner Vacuum Conveyor DORNER MFG. CORP. - www.dorner.com
- 975 Cottonwood Ave, Hartland, WI 53029-0020, USA

email, Tel. 800.397.8664

Hartland, Wisconsin-based Dorner Mfg. Corp. is a world leading conveyor manufacturer in not only the design, but manufacturing and distribution of conveyors and related equipment. Since 1973, companies from around the world have turned to Dorner conveyors for greatly improved efficiency and productivity.
products:   Vacuum Conveyors

Holding parts to the belt for elevation changes or controlled positioning can be achieved in a variety of ways. Depending upon the application and product, conveyors that utilize magnets, vacuum, cleats or fixtures are available in a wide variety of configurations.
Vacuum conveyors are made by perforating the belt and drawing air through grooves in the bed of a standard conveyor.

CERAC, inc. -
- Milwaukee, WI 53201-1178, USA

email, Tel. +1-414-289-9800

Specialty Inorganic Chemicals, Evaporation Materials, Pre-melted Evaporants, Sputtering Targets.

Vector Technologies Ltd. -
- 6820 N. 43rd Street, Milwaukee WI 53209, USA

email, Tel. 800-832-4010

Central Vacuum Systems, Centrifugal Blowers and Exhausters, Vacuum Hose, Tools and Attachments, Vacuum Tubings and Fittings, Portable Vacuum Equipment, Cleanroom central vacuum cleaning systems.

NuPulse, Inc. -
- 490 North Burr Oak Avenue, Oregon, WI 53575, USA

email, Toll Free: 1-800-233-6878

From the beginning, NuPulse has grown by fulfilling the changing needs of dairy operators, large and small, around the world, and the company that began with a simple milking unit now offers a complete line of dairy equipment. From basic milkers to complete, automated milking parlors, NuPulse and your local NuPulse dealer can customize a dairy system to fit your exact needs.
NuPulse, an American-owned company, located in Oregon, Wisconsin, and the many authorized NuPulse dealers in North America stand ready to listen and to offer sensible solutions that will work for you. All backed by NuPulse, a company dedicated to providing proven, quality equipment to satisfy your needs.

Dairy equipment, Vacuum Systems ® Pumps: From NAP Lobe type vacuum pumps to the Reflex Variable Speed Vacuum Pump Control, NuPulse has been a leader in bringing new technology to the dairy industry. These products and accessories help cut costs and increase profit.
- Vacuum Pumps: NuPulse’s Air Power Vacuum Pumps combine the proven technology of lobe type pumps with many years of experience in dairy applications to provide a system which is efficient and cost effective.
- Vacuum Pump Accessories: Examples include our PVC Vacuum Balance Tank and Air Pre-Cleaner.

- 1490 gruber road, Green Bay, WI 54313, USA

email, Tel. +1 920-662-1113

Busch vacuum systems, Travaini Dynaseal™ Systems
Liquid ring vacuum pumps and systems, Rotary vane vacuum pumps and systems
Service and repair

Lyco Wausau, Inc. -
- 2305 Ridgeview Dr., P.O. Box 2022, Wausau, WI 54402 2022, USA

email, Tel.

Lyco Wausau is a USA company that has specialized in making stainless steel, liquid ring vacuum pumps since 1973. We sell worldwide for food, pharmaceutical, chemical, medical, laboratory and general industrial applications where corrosion resistance is beneficial.

stainless steel liquid ring vacuum pumps and systems, 3 to 20 HP, vacua to 29"Hg.
also Hastelloy® and Titanium available.

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