Illinois vacuum pumps and components   Illinois vacuum pumps and components

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Pfeiffer Vacuum USA Pfeiffer Vacuum Inc. -

Toll Free Number: (800) 248-8254

- IL 60061-1526 Vernon Hills, USA
John Muether, Sales Engineer, email, Tel. +1 847 816 8563

- IL 60565 Naperville, USA
Chris McCarthy, Central Regional Sales Manager, email, Tel. +1 630 778 1306
products:   vacuum pumps and systems, measurement and analysis equipment, vacuum components

  Rotary vane vacuum pumps   diaphragm pumps   piston vacuum pumps   dry screw pumps

  High vacuum side channel pumps   roots blowers   turbomolecular pumps

  Vacuum measurement   Analysis, Residual Gas Analyser

  Leak detectors   leak detection systems

  Vacuum chambers   vacuum flanges and fittings   hoses, flexible connectors

  Viewports   vacuum valves   feedthoughs   manipulators

Duraflex Bellows Duraflex, Inc. -
- 765 Industrial Drive, Cary, IL 60013, USA

Jennifer JONES-REYNOLDS, email, Tel. 847.462.1007 or 877.462.1007 (toll free)

Duraflex, Inc. specializes in the most demanding & difficult edge-welded bellows & vacuum bellows applications to include UHV.
Our engineers are proven leaders in the edgewelded bellows industry, enabling Duraflex, Inc. to perform extensive design & engineering required for UHV bellows & full bellows assemblies.
Our tooling is designed specifically to produce a PROPRIETARY bellows diaphragm configurations which enables the highest level of repeatability in production & in use. Products are manufactured utilizing the most advanced controlled processes & materials available to ensure the ultimate combination of quality, performance & pricing.
products:   UHV bellows & full bellows assemblies

vacuum bellows, UHV bellows, edge-welded bellows, engine / exhaust bellows, hydroformed bellows, seal bellows, cryogenic bellows, titanium bellows, vacuum pump bellows, compressors, mechanical face seals

Travaini Pumps USA (Midwest) -
- 3406 Ridge Road, Island Lake, IL 60042, USA

email, Tel. +1 (847) 487 7609
products:   Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps

- Oakwood Road, Lake Zurich, IL 60047, USA

email, Tel.


Oil-less- and Oil-lubricated- rotary vane pumps, diaphragm, piston, vibrating armature, linear and air powered vacuum pumps.
Simplex or multiplex central vacuum pumping systems for industrial applications or to meet NFPA 99 requirements for medical vacuum pumping systems.

Liquid ring vacuum pumps, oil-sealed total recirculation packages, and hybrid systems for higher vacuum.

Q-VAC Vacuum Priming Systems are a complete line of high quality vacuum priming systems for the municipal, industrial, agricultural, marine and power industries.

Sands and Associates -
- 608 Old Hickory Lane, Libertyville, IL 60048, USA

William Sands,

Artisan Industries sales representative for Northern Illinois, Northern Indiana, Iowa
products:   vacuum ejectors

Cashvac Service Center -
- 1840 Industrial Drive, Libertyville, IL 60048, USA

email, Tel.

Industrial Vacuum Pump Specialists - Specializing in Stokes microvac pumps/blowers.
New Pump Sales and Service, Quality Stocked Rebuilds:
Tuthill, Kinney, Busch, Graham, Edwards, Leybold, Alcatel, Roots, Varian and Welch.

One of the Largest Inventories of Stokes Industrial Vacuum Pumps and Parts in the Country.
Rotary Piston, Rotary vane vacuum pumps, Mechanical Blowers, Diffusion Pumps, Turbomolecular, Liquid ring, Air Compressors

DUOSEAL vacuum oil Welch Vacuum Technology, Gardner Denver Thomas, Inc. -
- 7301 N. Central Ave., Skokie, IL 60077, USA

email, Tel. +1 847-676-8800

Welch has provided quality vacuum pumps for laboratory, industrial and educational applications for over a century. Today, Welch is a leading manufacturer of vacuum pump products for chemical and biological laboratories, high vacuum manufacturing, and air conditioning/refrigeration. Headquartered in Skokie, Illinois, the Welch product line includes oil lubricated rotary vane vacuum pumps; dry piston and diaphragm vacuum pumps; and specialized vacuum systems, components, and applications.
Gardner Denver Welch Vacuum Technology, Inc, formerly Welch Rietschle Thomas, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Gardner Denver, a leading global manufacturer of compressors, vacuum pumps, and related products.
products:   Vacuum pump oil

DUOSEAL VACUUM OIL: Low vapor pressure, Ideal viscosity for Welch DUOSEAL vacuum pumps, No additives or inhibitors
PREMIUM VACUUM PUMP OIL: Low vapor pressure, Ideal for high RPM direct drive pumps, Recommended for DIRECTORR vacuum pumps, No additives or inhibitors
GOLD VACUUM VACUUM OIL: Exceptionally low vapor pressure, High stability in chemical environments, Low backstreaming, Recommended for CHEMSTAR™ vacuum pumps

Cool Pair Cryopumps Cool Pair Plus -
- 2812 Corporate Parkway, Algonquin, IL 60102, USA

email, Tel. +1 224-293-6060

Cool Pair Plus is an independent equipment sales and service company focused exclusively and only on the Cryogenic Equipment Marketplace.
products:   Exchange and Repair Services for Cryocoolers and Cryopumps

With this program, we will ship a replacement unit to you immediately. You then return your broken unit to us as a trade-in unit. This program minimizes down time, eliminates helium loss through boil off and enables you to maintain productivity with your equipment.

We will gladly accept your equipment for repair on a time and materials basis. Once we receive your crycooler, we will perform an evaluation and present you with a detailed diagnosis and recommendation of specific parts, time and procedures required to return your unit to its original performance.

- 4525 Turnberry Drive, Hanover Park, IL 60133, USA

email, Tel.
products:   Linear-Piston Vacuum Pumps, 3 to 70 lpm

Linear-Motor-Free Piston System (one moving part - the piston)
Vibration Isolation Assembly
Self-Cooling Design
Hyper Pressure Control Mechanism
Oil-Free Operation
Compact Integrated Design
UL & CE Recognized

Applications:   Dialysis Machines, Air Analyzers, Blood Separators, Incubators, Autoclaves/Sterilizers, Blood Analyzers, Laboratory Equipment, Pipettes, Film Processing, Dental Carts, Heart Assist Devices, Robotics, Soldering Equipment, Nebulizers

BUSCH, Inc. -
- 430 Windy Point Drive, Glendale Heights, IL 60139, USA

email, Tel.
Rob Wilschek, District Manager (IL,N/W.IN,IA,KS,MN,MO,NE,ND,SD,WI), Tel. +1 630-545-1310

Since the foundation of BUSCH in 1963 in Germany, the company policy has always been customer oriented, supplying high quality and competitively priced products, as well as excellent technical support and service backup. BUSCH now has five manufacturing plants and a total of 33 BUSCH companies serving customers throughout the world. The BUSCH manufacturing facilities are certified to ISO 9001

Vacuum Technology, Vacuum Pumps & Systems,
- Oil Recirculating rotary vane vacuum pumps (R5 series up to 1600 m³/h),
- screw vacuum pumps (COBRA up to 2700 m³/h),
- rotary piston vacuum pumps and compressors (Mink up to 500m³/h),
- Once-Through-Sealing rotary vane vacuum pumps(Huckepack bis 760 m3/h),
- dry vacuum pumps (Seco bis 250 m³/h),
- side channel blowers (Gazelle, Samos up to 1100 m³/h),
- liquid ring vacuum pump (Dolphin up to 435 ³/h),
- Scroll vacuum pumps (Fossa up to 30 m³/h),
- Roots blowers (Puma / Panda up to 8000m³/h, - Dingo/Cat/Panther up to 3120 m3/h),
- Turbomolecular vacuum pumps,
- Service and Repair
- accessories

- 1151 Ardmore Ave, 60143 Itasca, USA

Gabriel Kami, email, Tel.

Worldwide manufacturer and solution provider of inlet filter silencers, intake filters, silencers, inlet vacuum filters, air/oil separators, liquid knockout filters scrubbers, replacement filter elements, filter cartridges & vacuum assisted oil mist eliminators, both standard and custom.
Applications include compressors, blowers, engines, vacuum pumps, power generation (gas turbines & reciprocating engines), solar manufacturing equipment and medical work equipment industries.
products:   inlet vacuum filters, liquid vacuum separators

oil mist discharge filters, breathers, inlet filter silencers,
oil mist eliminators, replacement filter elements, standard and custom designs available

- 2030 Parkes Drive, Broadview, IL 60155, USA

email, Tel.

Jallo Equipment and Supply is an Authorized Dealer for Orion® Pumps.
products:   ORION Dry-pump, oil-less rotary vane vacuum pumps

Spectite feedthrough Spectite Inc. -
- PO Box 917, Hillside, IL 60162, USA

email, Toll Free: 877 248 0777
products:   vacuum sealed feedthrough assemblies

Series PF - Feedthroughs for single elements:   are designed for sealing single elements, usually sensors, probes or tubes, where they penetrate a pressure or environmental boundary. Common applications include sealing sheathed thermocouples and resistance thermometers, small-bore tubes and other types of sensor where they enter a process enclosure...
Series MF - Feedthroughs for multiple elements:   A single access port into an enclosure or process vessel is all that is needed to allow multiple probes, sensors, etc., to pass through an environmental or pressure boundary using a single feedthrough assembly...
Series PSF and MSF - For single and multiple elements:   similar to series MF feedthroughs, but have split internal components...
Series WF - For multiple wires & probes:   When multiple wires must pass through a pressure boundary, series WF feedthroughs can provide an efficient seal without recourse to epoxies or other non-adjustable fixture methods...
Series EF - high voltage/current electrode:   The integral electrode mounted in these feedthroughs enables specifiers to provide high-voltage, high-current supplies in process enclosures, autoclaves, vacuum furnaces and reactor vessels to power heaters, electric motors & other devices needing high power supply...
Series HF - High density, insulated wire, sealed tube assemblies:   A Teflon-lined, stainless steel tube is swaged over multiple, insulated, single-core copper and/or thermocouple-material wires to make a continuous wire, high-density, sealed feedthrough tube...

Pumps & Process Equipment, Inc. -
- 1234 Remington Road, Schaumburg, IL 60173, USA

email, Tel.
products:   Rietschle distributor

Scroll Labs vacuum pump Scroll Laboratories, Inc. -
- 479 Quadrangle Drive Suite G, Bolingbrook, Illinois 60440, USA

Angela Xing, email, Tel.

Scroll Laboratories, Inc. was founded in 2001 to develop innovative oil free floating scroll machinery. We specialize in oil-free applications of scroll technology, having successfully developed oil-free compressors and expanders for the automotive, aeronautical, and medical industries.
products:   scroll pumps

Working Pressure: 90-300psig (as a compressor) / -29inHg (as a vacuum pump)
Applications: Automobile Air Suspension System, Fiber Optics Air Charging, Vacuum System

Meyer Tool & Manufacturing Meyer Tool & Manufacturing, Inc. -
- 4601 W. Southwest Highway, Oak Lawn, IL 60453, USA

email, Tel. +1 708 425-9080

At Meyer we specialize in the design and manufacture of cryogenics, vacuum and pressure equipment for scientific and commercial applications. This includes prototypes as well as production quantities of unique systems, subsystems, assemblies and components. Meyer's specialized prototype development expertise translates well into high-quality, high-value custom fabrication applications. Meyer offers fully integrated capabilities - design engineering, fabrication, machining, assembly and testing.
products:   Vacuum Chamber Technology

Meyer supplies space simulation chambers to the aerospace industry and vacuum chambers for such diverse applications as mass spectrometry, coating chambers, medical equipment and crystal growth furnaces.

Ultra High Vacuum Chambers: We select the highest grades of materials consistent with UHV applications. In the manufacturing process only procedures and materials consistent with the UHV application are utilized, e.g. in the selection of machining coolant.
To minimize outgassing rates we adhere to stringent UHV cleaning procedures, which may utilize electropolishing or ultrasonic cleaning of vacuum surfaces. For final assembly of UHV vessels and equipment we maintain a clean room.

Ability Engineering Technology, Inc. -
- 16140 South Vincennes Avenue, South Holland, Illinois 60473, USA

Tel. +1 (708) 331-0025
products:   Pressure Vessels, Vacuum Chambers

Cryogenics, Mechanical Design, Water Jet Technology, Machining and Fabrication, Testing Services

VPS dry vacuum pump VPSAMERICA INC. -
- 18150 Edgar Place, IL 60487 Tinley Park, USA

John KIM, email:, Tel. +1 708-770-0007

VPS is a world leader in the design and manufacture of dry mechanical pumps.
products:   Dry Screw vacuum pumps, Oil free vacuum pumps

L-Series Vacuum Pump
P-Series Vacuum Pump

Vacuum Industrial Products, Inc. -
- 2025 Prairie Avenue, Downers Grove, IL 60515, USA

email, Tel.

Specializing in Kinney Vacuum Equipment...
Vacuum Industrial Products is a full service vacuum pump company with more than 40 years of experience.
Our inventory of new and used vacuum pumps, spare parts, oils, gauges and vacuum accessories will provide solutions to your vacuum needs.

Rebuilt Kinney vacuum pumps, used Kinney vacuum pumps and new Kinney vacuum pumps are IN STOCK for immediate delivery.
Rebuilt vacuum pumps and used vacuum pumps are tested to new vacuum pumps specifications

Midwest Vacuum Midwest Vacuum, Inc. -
- 15 Spinning Wheel Rd, Suite 120, Hinsdale, IL 60521, USA

email, Tel.

Midwest Vacuum, Inc. was founded in 1983, over 30 years ago, as a Vacuum one stop Manufacturer Representative Agency /Distributor for Vacuum to Ultra High Vacuum Valves, Pumps, Chambers and or Process Equipment.
Midwest Vacuum, Inc. is serving 8 plus midwestern states with products and services from leading manufacturers in vacuum technology and semiconductor process equipment.
Midwest Vacuum, Inc. brings a combined technical experience of more than 50 Years in vacuum coating to UHV research as well as wafer probing from DC to GHz RF measurements.
products:   Vacuum to Ultra High Vacuum Components and Process Equipment

Vacuum Valves   Bellows   Feedthroughs

Deposition Controllers   Chambers, Manifolds   Oil free dry pumps

Pump Fluids   Fore line Traps and Filters   Vacuum Instrumentation

Helium Leak Detectors   Vacuum Pump Re-manufacturing   Glass Vacuum Components

U.S. Vacuum Pumps, Inc. -
- 760 Heartland Drive, Sugar Grove, IL 60554, USA

email, Tel.

vacuum pumps distributor (Aerzen, Beach-Russ, Edwards, Kinney, Travaini, Tuthill, Welch)

- 1723 Princess Circle, IL 60564 Naperville, USA

Michael YUNG, email:, Tel. +1 224 623 1885

Amber International, USA has teamed up with PANA Vacuum Technology, China to provide quality compound molecular vacuum pumps with reasonable prices.
PANA is a member of China Vacuum Technology Association and has over 30,000 square meter of manufacturing space in eastern China.
products:   Molecular Vacuum Pumps

PANA Compound Molecular Vacuum Pumps with pumping speeds of 600 and 1200 l/s and ultimate pressure up to 6.10-6 Pa.

Falcon Process Equipment, Inc. Falcon Process Equipment, Inc. -
- 9S031 Chandelle Dr, IL 60564 Naperville, USA

Michael Pastore, email, Tel.
products:   Technical Sales and Consulting Services

VacuumOne -
- 1000 W. Diversey Parkway, Chicago, IL 60614, USA

email, Tel.

VacuumOne currently represents the following vacuum companies:

Advanced Research Systems,
Helix Technology (manufacturers of CTI-Cryogenics and Granville-Phillips products)
Leybold Vacuum Products,
Gamma Vacuum,
SAES Getters,
VLSI Standards,
Toho Technology,
Advanced Vacuum Company (ADVACO)

Gardner Denver Thomas, Inc. Welch Vacuum Technology -
- 5621 W. Howard Street, Niles, IL 60714, USA

email, Tel. +1 (847) 676-8800
Bill Monahan, President
John Balamuta, Director of Marketing
Jim Dawson, National Sales Manager

Gardner Denver Welch Vacuum Technology, Inc, formerly Welch Rietschle Thomas, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Gardner Denver, a leading global manufacturer of compressors, vacuum pumps, and related products.
Headquartered in Skokie, Illinois, Welch has provided quality vacuum pumps for laboratory, industrial and educational applications for over a century.
Today, Welch is a leading manufacturer of vacuum pump products for chemical and biological laboratories, high vacuum manufacturing, and air conditioning / refrigeration.
products:   oil lubricated rotary vane, dry piston and diaphragm vacuum pumps, specialized vacuum systems, components, and applications.

BISHOP International Co. - 9400 Foster Avenue, Chicago, IL 60656, USA

Kurt Buehrer, email, Tel. +1 (773) 992-2280

Artisan Industries sales representative for Illinois (northern), Indiana (northern), Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin
products:   vacuum ejectors