Ohio vacuum pumps and components   Ohio vacuum pumps and components

Ohio vacuum pumps and components        Ohio vacuum pumps and components
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Target Technology Tosoh SMD, Inc. - www.tsmd.com
- 3600 Gantz Road, Grove City, OH 43123-1895, USA

Philip Frausto, Director of Marketing & Sales, email, Tel.

Tosoh SMD, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Tosoh Corporation, a diversified international producer of chemicals and high purity materials. Tosoh Corporation had a long and successful history in the production of specialty materials, sputtering targets, silica glass, quartzware products, scientific and diagnostic instrumentation and systems.
products:   Sputtering Targets

Through advanced engineering and state-of-the-art equipment, we produce quality sputtering targets for leading semiconductor producers worldwide.

PHPK CVI Torr Master PHPK TECHNOLOGIES - www.phpk.com
- 2111 Builders Place, OH 43204 Columbus, USA

Richard Coleman, email, Tel.

Since 1991, PHPK Technologies has established itself as a major supplier of cryogenic equipment to the global market. From tube size valves to engineered systems, our products are installed at every National Laboratory, NASA facility and throughout Aerospace, Industrial Gas and Semiconductor industries.
We are an ASME Section VIII, Division 2 approved facility with all welding personnel and procedures ASME Section IX certified.
products:   cryopump technology

PHPK's engineering and fabrication services, combined with our complete line of cryogenic components, vacuum jacketed piping and cryopump technology, provide you with unmatched capabilities.

For large turnkey applications, space simulation chambers, cryostats, cold boxes, high vacuum chambers, helium refrigeration systems, densification systems, sub-coolers and helium compressors, PHPK is your one source for every cryogenic need.

Tri-Tech Medical Tri-Tech Medical Inc. - www.tri-techmedical.com
- 35401 Avon Commerce Parkway, Avon, Ohio 44011, USA

email, Tel.

Since 1989, Tri-Tech Medical has been a manufacturer of high quality medical gas piping equipment.
Members of NFPA, ASPE, and MGPHO, we are committed to providing innovative medical gas piping products, designed with features found nowhere else.
products:   Medical Vacuum Pumps

Rely on Tri-Tech Medical Inc. to provide you with the right medical gas vacuum system for your application!
- NFPA 99 compliant
- Oilless to oil lubricated
- Claw to rotary vane to blower systems

Replica Engineering, Inc.
- 3483 W. 140th St., Cleveland, OH 44111, USA

Glyn Price, email, Tel. +1 (216) 252-2204
products:   pump repair and maintenance

Alloybellows vacuum bellows Alloy Bellows & Precision Welding, Inc. - www.alloybellows.com
- 653 Miner Road, Cleveland, OH 44143, USA

email, Tel.

In 1935, our company was founded by improving upon a metal bellows for airplane construction. Since then, our capabilities have evolved to include custom engineering and manufacturing of a wide range of hydroformed and edge welded metallic bellows and assemblies for a wide range of industries.
Additionally, we are a primary source to OEM's for thin wall metal joining (GTA welding, soldering, brazing) of valves, fittings and other precision components made of stainless steel and other exotic metals.
products:   hydroformed and edge welded metal bellows

Alloy Bellows designs and manufactures hydroformed and edge welded metal bellows and assemblies in custom sizes.

godfrey wing Godfrey & Wing Inc. - www.godfreywing.com
- 220 Campus Drive, Aurora, OH 44202, USA

email, Tel.
products:   Vacuum Impregnation

To guarantee the leak-proof functionality of modern castings, vacuum impregnation is utilized to seal porosity. Vacuum impregnation is the process that seals components without changing dimensional or functional characteristics.

BECKER Pumps Corporation
- 100 East Ascot Lane, OH 44223 Cuyahoga Falls, USA

email, Toll Free +1 (888) 633-1083

Becker Pumps Corp. manufactures oil flooded and oil-less vacuum pumps.
- 100% Oil-less Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps (1.1 to 353 CFM, vacuum levels to 27"Hg).
- Oil-Flooded Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps (4.6 to 440 CFM, vacuum levels to 0.4 torr).
- 100% Oil-less Combination Pressure/Vacuum Pumps for the Graphic Arts, 11 to 95 CFM; simultaneous vacuum to 18"Hg and pressure to 9 PSIG.
- Oil-Free Rotary Screw Vacuum Pumps (460 to 840 CFM, Vacuum to 24" Hg).
- Tank Mounted Central Vacuum Systems; Simplex and Duplex designs; Oil-less, or Oil-flooded.
- Vacuum Pump Oils; Full Synthetic; Semi-Synthetic; Flushing Oil
Applications for Becker pumps include: Graphic Arts, Packaging, Medical and Surgical, Dental, Thermoforming, Newspaper Inserters, Pneumatic Conveying, Food and Meat Processing and Packaging, Material Handling, Gas Lasers, Sparging, CD Manufacturing, and Robotics.

EMMCO Electo-Mechanical Manufacturing Co., Inc. - www.emmcoinc.com
- 1351 S. Cleveland-Massillon Rd., Unit 6, Copley, OH 44321, USA

email, Tel.

Electro-Mechanical Manufacturing is a manufacturer of quality air pumps serving the industry since 1964. We specialize in meeting the special needs of any company. We can fill your order, no matter how large or small. Fast, customized service with a minimum of hassle is our trademark. We can supply a pump that meets your needs in less than twenty-four hours.

OEM mini vacuum pumps

Stanton Industries, Inc. - www.stantonind.com
- 6160 Peach Street NE, Louisville, Ohio 44641-9413, USA

email, Tel.

Stanton Industries is a sales and service group, dedicated to providing our clients with the most comprehensive and up to date offerings of vacuum products and services.
Now enjoying our second decade of operation, we are striving harder than ever to meet the changing demands of today's user of vacuum technology.

Vacuum Pumps, Vacuum Fluids, Vacuum Fittings, Pump Parts, Vacuum Furnaces, Sputtering and Evaporation, Cleanroom Supplies.

Powerex™ Inc. - www.powerexinc.com
- 100 Production Dr. Harrison, OH 45030, USA

email, Tel.

Manufacturer Of Oilless Industrial & Medical Air Systems, Industrial & Medical Vacuum Systems, Oilless Scroll Compressors, OEM Single/Two Stage Oilless & Lubricated Compressor Pumps, Vacuum Pumps, Climate Control, Dental Air Compressors, Air Dryers & Air Purifiers, Engineered Custom Systems
Powerex manufactures our products in three world class facilities: Harrison, Ohio; Fukushima, Japan; and Yokohama, Japan.

medical vacuum: Rotary Vane Skid Mount Vacuums, Rotary Vane Tank Mount Vacuums

Industrial vacuum: Rotary Vane Tank Mount Vacuum, rotary vane Vacuum Pumps

MTR Martco MTR Martco - www.mtrmartco.com
- 3350 Yankee Road, Middletown, Ohio 45044, USA

email, Toll Free: 800-875-5307
products:   Vacuum Pump Rebuilds for the pulp and paper industry

When we receive your worn vacuum pump, the first thing we do is measure critical parts to determine what needs to be repaired or replaced to get your pump restored to original specs. We then repair or manufacture the worn parts and reassemble your vacuum pump. High-wear areas can be clad with stainless steel for longer life than original cast iron.

Flanagan Associates -
- 470 Pintail Drive, #200, Loveland, OH 45140-7171, USA

Jim Flanagan, email, Tel.

Artisan Industries sales representative for Indiana (southern), Kentucky, Ohio, West Virginia (southwestern).
products:   vacuum ejectors

The Crocker Company, Inc. -
- 3480 Mustafa Drive, Cincinnati, Ohio 45241, USA

email, Tel.

The Crocker Company, a manufacturer’s representative and distributor, has been serving the Tri-State area since 1970. Our primary goal is to provide technical assistance and product selection to meet your requirements.

Roots Blowers,
Kinney’s product line including rotary piston, liquid ring, rotary vane and dry vacuum pumps.
Atlantic Fluidics offers both single and two stage liquid ring vacuum pumps.

Ambassador - www.ambassadorco.com
- 10080 Alliance Rd., Cincinnati, Ohio 45242, USA

email, Tel.

Ambassador Heat Transfer Company has been a leader in design, development, manufacture and service of Heat Transfer Equipment since 1961, for over 45 years now.
Ambassador Company has two production plants in U.S.A.: one plant is 5-1/2 acre for heavy equipment with 30 ton crane capacity, the second plant is on 2+ acres for medium and small equipment. Ambassador Company is authorized by U.S. National Board and ASME to manufacture and Code Stamp heat exchangers (U and R stamps). Custom-Engineered heat exchangers to ASME specifications, TEMA, API, U.S. Navy, U.S. Coast Guard, etc., are made when specified. Ambassador Company has a strong electronic controls and computer engineering department. It designs, manufactures and factory checks a variety of control systems for Heat Exchangers suited to various needs, and generates custom software to meet the requirements. Ambassador can offer a full scope furnishing Complete Systems including instrumentation, pumps, valves, pressure vessels, control panels, PLC controls.
products:   Vacuum Surface Condensers

Steam Condensers (Water & Air Cooled) including steam jet ejectors or vacuum pumps, condensate pumps, local/remote PLC/DCS controls & software (custom designed)
ASME, TEMA, API, HEI Exchangers

Travaini Pumps USA (Mid-America) - www.travaini.com
- 4800 Brown Road, Dayton, OH 45440, USA

email, Tel.
products:   liquid ring vacuum pumps

PAVE Technology Hermetic Electrical and Fiber Optic Bulkhead Connectors and Wire Seals PAVE Technology Co - www.pavetechnologyco.com
- 2751 Thunderhawk Court, Dayton, OH 45414, United States

email, Tel.

PAVE Technology Co was founded in 1980. Its wire and connector hermetic seals are used in a very wide range of industries for low or high pressures or vacuums requiring helium gas tight seals or IP67 to IP69 seals. PAVE products feed through a sealed bulkhead either electrical or fiber optic signals without any detectable leakage of gases or fluids. This complete leak tightness performance includes ends of any insulated, shielded or stranded copper conductor wire, cable and/or pins.
products:   wire and connector hermetic seals

PAVE hermetic seals are any type of insulated, stranded or solid plated copper conductors in any combination or lengths, copper or brass connector pin contacts or glass fiber optic cables of any type, all sealed for low or high pressures or vacuums, helium gas tight, moisture tight bulkhead seals available in unlimited wide range of combinations that can be easily customized for cost effective small or large quantities. Wire connector terminations can also be included for a complete, ready to use hermetically sealed thru-bulkhead wire connector harness.

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