Tennessee vacuum pumps and components   Tennessee vacuum pumps and components

Tennessee vacuum        Angstrom Sciences - World Leader in Magnetron Sputtering Technology, Sputtering Systems
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CVN Vooner CVN Vooner Paper Machinery® - www.cvnvooner.com
- 1612 Industrial Rd., Greeneville, TN 37745, USA

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CVN Vooner Paper Machinery's acquired heritage has been producing paper machinery since 1983. We are committed to growth and service to the paper industry family throughout the world. CVN Systems was founded in 1983 to offer fabric conditioning vacuum boxes and actuated showers, Vooner FloGard Corporation acquired the business in 2003.
products:   Liquid ring vacuum pumps

CVN Vooner Paper Machinery offers conical port liquid ring vacuum pumps for the pulp and paper industry and environmental markets for a wide variety of applications.

VTI VACUUM TECHNOLOGY INC. - www.vacuumtechnology.com
- 1003 Alvin Weinberg Drive, Oak Ridge, Tennessee 37830, USA

email, Toll Free 1 800 704 4774
products:   Leak Testing Systems, Calibrated Leak Standards, RGAs & Gas Analysis Systems, and Vacuum Systems & Components.
Vacuum Technology supplies a full line of vacuum hardware, turbo-molecular and mechanical vacuum pumps and custom vacuum system components including manifolds, chambers, crosses and tees.

Fulton Bellows Fulton Bellows, LLC - www.fultonbellows.com
- 2801 Red Dog Lane, Knoxville, TN 37914, USA

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Fulton Bellows, LLC is the oldest manufacturer of seamless metal bellows. Our founder, Weston Fulton, patented the device in 1901 and built his first factory in Knoxville, TN in 1904.
products:   Precision Metal Bellows

ALL-STAR PRODUCTS - www.all-star-usa.com
- 2095 Exeter Rd Ste 80-324, 38138 Memphis, USA

Ed Brindza, email, Tel.

regenerative blowers: pressure to 11.5 psig, vacuum to 19" Hg, flow to 900 scfm
turboblowers: flow to 1700 cfm, pressure to 16" H2O

rotary vane pumps: pressure to 22 psig, vacuum to 29.5" Hg, flow to 90 scfm
rocking piston pumps: pressure to 115 psig, vacuum to 29.1" Hg, flow range of 0.035 to 6.3cfm

Flexial Edge Welded Metal Bellows FLEXIAL CORPORATION - www.flexial.com
- 1483 Gould Drive, 38501 Cookeville, USA

Gary Cummings - Dir. Marketing & Sales, email, Tel.
Jason Beaty - Sales Application Engineer, email, Tel.

Worldwide mfr. of edge welded bellows for aerospace, military, semiconductor, high vacuum, instrumentation, scientific, bellows accumulators, valve seals, electrical switchgear, down-hole, oceanic & submarine, industrial controls, medical, highway, reservoirs & compensators.
products:   Edge Welded Metal Bellows

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