Vermont vacuum pumps and components   Vermont vacuum pumps and components

Vermont vacuum pumps and components       
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Flex-A-Seal vacuum bellows Flex-A-Seal Inc. -
- 1 Jackson Street, Essex Junction, VT 05453-0184, USA

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Flex-a-Seal, Inc. is a privately held company started in 1983. It was started in Ormand Beach, Florida primarily as a welded metal bellows mechanical seal manufacturer with only 3 employees and small customer base scattered throughout the United States.
In the 20 years since its inception, Flex-A-Seal has evolved in a number of directions. We are a fully integrated seal manufacturer that conceptualizes, designs, manufactures, markets, sells, services and repairs our complete line of mechanical seals and related devices worldwide.
products:   membrane bellows

Hermetic Bellows Devices - Flex-A-Seal has manufactured the highest quality welded bellows for mechanical sealing applications for over 20 years; the step into hermetic bellows vacuum, semiconductor, pharmaceutical, cryogenics and hazardous material handling applications was a logical and strategic move.

Seal repair - Flex-A-Seal has diversified into other related areas such as seal repair of our own seals as well as any competitor seal, designing hermetic bellows devices for the semiconductor and vacuum industry.

Phytron Vacuum Stepper Motors Phytron Inc. -
- 600 Blair Park Road, Suite 220, Williston, VT 05495, USA

email, Tel. +1 802 872-1600

Phytron was established out of these values in 1947 and has since developed into an internationally leading manufacturer in the stepper motor and control devices industry.
products:   Vacuum Stepper Motors

Phytron's VSS stepper motors are the result of more than 30 years of experience in space technology. The specially designed two phase, hybrid stepper motors can be used in vacuum environments up to 10 -11 hPa. They are optimal for extraordinary environments such as deep and high temperatures or extreme radiation intensity.

Metal Flex Metal Flex -
- 149 Lakemont Rd, Newport, VT 05855, USA

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Metal Flex®, in existence since 1981, is known throughout the world as a leader in welded bellows technology. Our products are used in semiconductor, aerospace/aircraft, Ultra-High Vacuum (UHV), and many other research, industrial and commercial applications. Metal Flex® performs design, manufacturing, and testing activities in house, which allows us to react quickly and precisely to your changing needs.
products:   membrane bellows

Metal Flex can produce bellows from a large variety of materials including but not limited to, all the 300 Series SST's AM-350 SST (annealed or heat treated), Inconels, Monels, Hastelloys, etc. to meet various requirements for corrosion resistance, life expectancy and non-magnetic.
We also have a complete machine shop in house allowing our skilled toolmakers and machinists to manufacture all the flanges and hardware necessary to meet our customers' exacting specifications.
All welding at Metal Flex is performed in a clean, controlled atmosphere using both TIG and pulse TIG processes. Our products are welded using a fusion process with no filler materials added. All welds and finished assemblies are leak tested on Helium Mass Spectrometers and certified to 1 x 10 -9 STD. CC/SEC. He. (-10 and -11 certification is available upon request).