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WINTEK Wintek Corporation -
- 7 Middlebury Blvd, STE2, Randolph, NJ 07869, USA

email:, Tel. +1 (973) 252-8200

Wintek has extensive experience in applications requiring vacuum in process industries including the chemical, environmental, food, pharmaceutical and plastics industries. We review your application and requirements, and explain the advantages and/or disadvantages of each type of vacuum pump so that you can understand our recommendation. Our focus is on vacuum pump reliability in your application at a reasonable cost.
products:   Vacuum Pumps and Systems

Solvent Recovery Vacuum Systems, Vapor recovery vacuum systems,

Boosted (high vacuum) liquid ring vacuum systems, Steam jet / liquid ring hybrid vacuum systems,

Oil lubricated rotary vane vacuum pumps, Once-thru-oil (OTO) vane vacuum pumps, Dry Vacuum pumps.

GasFlo Products Inc. - www
- 19 Industrial Road, Fairfield, NJ 07004, USA

email, Tel.
products:   Vacuum Pump Components

Rotors, Shafts, Cast Iron Vanes & Spring Holders
Rings, Sleeves, Precision Machined Metal Components
Component Remanufacture
Custom Short Run Precision Machining (On Request)
Gaskets Cut & Beaded to Order

We stock products for Dry, Scroll, Vane and Piston pumps as well as Blowers - including items for many obsolete pumps.

Servometer / PMG, LLC - www
- 501 Little Falls Road, Cedar Grove, NJ 07009-1291, USA

email, Tel.

Servometer has partnered with BellowsTech, LLC:
BellowsTech, LLC is a manufacturer of edge welded bellows for Ultra High Vacuum (UHV) and positive pressure applications.
Using proprietary welding technology, ISO 9001:2008 quality management system, and design expertise, BellowsTech produces some of the world's most sophisticated edge welded bellows assemblies.
products:   Edge Welded Bellows

in a full range of diameters and thicknesses ranging from .394in (10mm) to 26in (660mm) in diameter, in materials .002in (.05mm) to .036in (.91mm) thick.

Edge welded bellows are available in AM350, stainless steel, titanium, Hastelloy, and Inconel materials.

A&J Vacuum Services, Inc. -
- 16 Somerset Place, Clifton, NJ 07012, USA

Jerzy Szopa, email, Tel.

With over 20 years of vacuum pump experience we offer outstanding quality service combined with fast turn around time to better serve large number of our worldwide customers. We carry large stock of new and refurbished pumps and accessories that minimizes downtime. Many models available for purchase or exchange, including full line of various power supplies.
products:   repairs on all types of High Vacuum equipment

We perform Turbomolecular Pump repair, Turbo Pump Repair, Dry Pump repair, Vacuum Pump repair, and Mass Spectrometer repair.

We operate at our own full service repair facility which allows us to quickly and economically perform all repairs in a timely manner. Our advanced machinery enables us to handle all facets of the service and repair process. AJVS utilizes industry standard vibration analysis equipment and advanced testing equipment to troubleshoot and minimize all equipment failures. Our in-house machine shop is capable of machining various components, prototypes and housing conversions as needed.

Allied Pumps Corporation -
- 1109 Grand Ave. Bldg #5, North Bergen, NJ 07047, USA

email, Tel.
products:   Vacuum Pumps

We offer a variety of Vacuum pump systems from vendors such as DUNHAM BUSH, GAST, SKIDMORE, SHIPCO.

Condensation Return Units, Boiler Feed Units, Sewage Ejector Pumps, Sump Pumps, Booster Pressure Systems

Digivac Digivac -
- 105 Church Street, Unit B, Matawan, NJ 07747, USA

email, Tel.

A Family Owned Vacuum Instrumentation Business Delivering Innovations for 30 Years
products:   vacuum gauges and controllers

We have been shipping DigiVac digital vacuum gauges and controllers since 1983, and have designed many custom vacuum gauge solutions for our clients.

In addition to our core vacuum gauge instrumentation business, DigiVac developed OEM designs are shipped in quantities that range from 5 to 1000 per month.

- Six Campus Drive, Parsippany, New Jersey 07054, USA

email, Tel.

Croll Reynolds' products are sold throughout the world by factory-trained process vacuum system specialists. Croll Reynolds began manufacturing air pollution control systems in the 1950s utilizing technology developed by its Vacuum Division. The synergy between divisions continues to offer a powerful design and engineering advantage unique to the industry.
products:   vacuum ejectors

Croll Reynolds, Parsippany, NJ provides process vacuum equipment and high performance air pollution control systems.
Croll Reynolds' Vacuum Division designs and manufacturers steam jet ejectors, combination ejectors, liquid ring pump systems, vacuum chilling systems, thermocompressors and other related equipment.

AMICO Corporation -
- 200 Madison Street Passaic, NJ 07055, USA

email, Tel.

Amico Corporation, founded in 1974, is a leading manufacturer of Medical gas Pipeline Equipment for hospitals and clinics.
All products conform to NFPA 99, CSA Z305 and are manufactured to ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 standards. Products are UL Listed and/or CSA approved where required. Products comply with FDA-CFR 820/Canadian Medical Devices Regulations standards and are manufactured in accordance with good manufacturing practice (GMP) in mind.
products:   Medical vacuum

  Rotary Vane Systems   Liquid Ring Systems

- 339 Changebridge Rd Ste 1B, Pine Brook, NJ 07058, USA

Jared SANDMAN, email, Tel.

Originally founded in 1993 by a group of NASH engineers as North Eastern Services, LLC, NES Company has a legacy of engineering expertise developed over decades of experience with NASH vacuum equipment.
NES offers one of the largest selection of new and remanufactured liquid ring vacuum pumps with capacities from 10CFM up to 23,000CFM. We can design and build custom systems to serve a huge range of applications.
products:   liquid ring vacuum pumps

liquid ring vacuum pumps,
central vacuum systems,
custom vacuum packages,
remanufactured vacuum pumps.

- 17 Brant Avenue, Clark NJ 07066, USA

Kristi Sun, email, Tel.

Shanghai Optics offers PVD E-Beam chemicals and sputtering targets into U.S. market. Shanghai Optics has been supplying thin film products to optical coating labs, solar, low-E glass, decorative and tooling coating companies in Asia and Europe for over 11 years.
products:   Sputtering Targets

E-Beam Materials - low, medium, high refractive index materials including Al2O3, MgF2, SiO2, TiO2, Ti3O5, Ta2O5, ZnS and more at purity ? 99.99%

Sputtering Targets - including pure metals, alloys, compounds and special mixtures. We offer fab-to-print sputtering targets. All targets will come with inspection reports and material analysis. Targets with backing plates are inspected with GE C-SCAN.

Airtech Airtech Inc. - www
- 301 Veterans Blvd., Rutherford, NJ 07070, USA

email, Tel.

Established in 1982, Airtech Vacuum Inc. is a privately held company with corporate headquarters in Rutherford, New Jersey. United States operations include warehouse facilities in Atlanta and San Francisco and satellite sales offices throughout the country. Manufacturing and engineering design facilities in New Jersey, Europe and Asia.
products:   Lubricated rotary vane pumps

  Vacuum/Pressure Regenerative blowers   Liquid ring vacuum pumps   Dry piston vacuum / pressure pumps

AIRTECH Vacuum serves most industries who require vacuum and pressure products - print, food processing, wood routing, vacuum lifting, medical and laboratory vacuum among many others.

Busch BUSCH, Inc. - www
- 39 Davis Street, S. Plainfield, NJ 07080, USA

email, Tel.
Ted Dames, Regional Manager (NY,N.NJ,N/W PA), Tel. +1 908-561-3233

Since the foundation of BUSCH in 1963 in Germany, the company policy has always been customer oriented, supplying high quality and competitively priced products, as well as excellent technical support and service backup. BUSCH now has five manufacturing plants and a total of 33 BUSCH companies serving customers throughout the world. The BUSCH manufacturing facilities are certified to ISO 9001
products:   Vacuum Technology, Vacuum Pumps & Systems

- Oil Recirculating rotary vane vacuum pumps (R5 series up to 1600 m³/h),
- screw vacuum pumps (COBRA up to 2700 m³/h),
- rotary piston vacuum pumps (Mink up to 500m³/h),
- Once-Through-Sealing rotary vane vacuum pumps(Huckepack bis 760 m3/h),
- dry vacuum pumps (Seco bis 250 m³/h),
- side channel blowers (Gazelle, Samos up to 1100 m³/h),
- liquid ring vacuum pump (Dolphin up to 435 ³/h),
- Scroll vacuum pumps (Fossa up to 30 m³/h),
- Roots blowers (Puma / Panda up to 8000m³/h, - Dingo/Cat/Panther up to 3120 m3/h),
- Turbomolecular vacuum pumps,
- Service and Repair
- accessories

Jet Flow Technologies Jet Flow Technologies Pvt. Ltd. -
- Rep. Office - Newark, NJ 07102, USA

email, Tel.

We offer vacuum units and heat transfer equipments which meet the most diverse needs: Degassing / Vacuum Pumping, Vacuum condensing, Deodorization, Evaporation / Concentration, Mixing / Agitation, Heating / Desuperheating, Steam / Gas recompression, Drying / Evaporation / Concentration, Vacuum Cooling, Hot water production etc used in Power, Paper, Sugar, Steel, Edible oil, Dairy, Petroleum Refinery, Petrochemicals, Fertilizers and Process industries, meeting verious codes including but not limited to ASME, HEI, TEMA and ANSI under certifications like ASME U, CE, PED, CRN etc duly performance tested prior to shipment.
products:   Steam Jet Air Ejector, Multi Stage Steam Jet Ejector System, Thermocompressor

Steam Jet Ejector combination with Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump.

Steam Jet Booster, Water Jet Ejector, Vacuum Pump,

Air/Vapour Jet Ejector, Steam Jet Heater and Mixer.

LP/HP Heaters, Surface Condenser and allied Heat Transfer Equipments.

United Vacuum Corp Trillium US Inc. -
- 3627 State Route 23 South, Building 3 - Hamburg, NJ 07419, USA

email, Tel.

Trillium operates 3 service centers in the USA. Trillium also supplies temperature control unit (TCU) repair service as well as new and refurbished chillers and heat exchangers. In addition, Trillium is the largest US supplier of refurbished exhaust gas abatement systems (point of use scrubbers), and one of the largest acquirers of excess vacuum, TCU and abatement equipment.
products:   vacuum pump repair, new and refurbished pumps and spare parts

Trillium's vacuum capabilities include   dry screw pumps,   rotary piston pumps,   rotary lobe blowers,   rotary vane,   cryo and   turbo pumps,

Sigma-Netics, Inc. -
- 2 North Corporate Drive, Riverdale, NJ 07457, USA

email, Tel.
Metal Bellows

We produce metal bellows and related assemblies from hydroformed, electroformed nickel, edge-welded and diaphragm technologies.

Pressure Switches: Heavy duty switches for demanding applications
Rotary Actuators used in air management systems

Rapid Pump & Meter Service Co., Inc. -
- 285 Straight Street, Paterson, NJ 07509, USA

email, Tel.

For 50 years, our specialty has been the servicing of all types of pump rotating assemblies. Whether it is an onsite field repair, or extensive machine shop, we provide expert service in pumps, pumping systems and all rotating equipment. When you need a fast turnaround on rotating assembly repairs, we're just a phone call away, 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week.
products:   Maintenance & Repair Services

Complete service is provided for rotating equipment, including maintenance, repair, or complete fabrication in our own metal fabrication and machine shops.

KDF Electronics -
- 10 Volvo Drive, Rockleigh, NJ 07647, USA

email, Tel.

Founded in 1986, KDF is a leading supplier of both new and remanufactured physical vapor deposition batch inline sputtering tools for the mainstream silicon, emerging materials and flat panel display markets. KDF services an installed base of over 3,300 systems in the field - over half of the semiconductor fabs in the world use a KDF system in wafer processing.
products:   sputtering tools

KDF offer the most advanced and reliable physical vapor deposition batch in-line sputtering tools at the industry's lowest cost of ownership.
KDF systems can be customized to meet the customer's needs and cover a wide variety of process requirements for the mainstream silicon, emerging materials and flat panel display markets.

Vacuum Solutions Group -
- PO Box 2136, Teaneck, NJ 07666, USA

email, Tel. Toll free 1-877-822-8865, Tel. +1 201-692-7924

supplier, distributor of vacuum equipment, components, instruments and complete systems.
The companies we represent include Advanced Research Systems, Ceramtec, EBI, Filterdyne, IGC-Polycold, Osaka Vacuum, Polvac, Precision Metal Works, Thermionics and US Inc.

Turbo Pumps   Cryopumps   Ion Pumps   Vacuum Gauges   Fittings, Flanges   Valves  

Chambers   Ion Sources, Plasma Sources   Manipulators   Electrical Feedthroughs   Viewports  

Cryostats   Sputter Guns   Custom Fabrication and many other items.

Fox Valve Fox Valve Development Corp. -
- Hamilton Business Park, Dover, NJ 07801, USA

email, Tel.

Fox Valve manufactures venturi eductors, ejectors, and venturi flow controls for industry, including solids-conveying eductors, air ejectors, steam ejectors, liquid eductors, and multi-stage vacuum systems. Fox has supplied these products to industry, aerospace, and research since 1961.
products:   Single and Multi-stage steam ejectors

vacuum systems, skid-mounted packages.

Mini-eductors used for small sampling, vacuum-generation, evacuating, and mixing applications.

Thorlabs Thorlabs Inc. -
- 56 Sparta Avenue, Newton, NJ 07860, USA

Alex Cable, Tel.
products:   Vacuum Components, Optomechanical Components, Fiber Components

suitable for use in vacuum and cleanroom applications and including

Vacuum-Compatible Post Systems, Vacuum-Compatible Screws
Unanodized Optical Breadboards
Polaris™ Mirror Mounts, Vacuum-Compatible Motorized Actuators
High Vacuum ConFlats and Windows
Mounting Adapter for Ø2.75" ConFlat Vacuum Flange
Ultra High Vacuum Feedthrough and Mating Sleeve
Vacuum-Compatible Step-Index Patch Cables
Vacuum Grease & Epoxy

Douglas Engineering electrical feedthrough Douglas Electrical Components, Inc. -
- 14 Beach Street, Rockaway, NJ 07866 , USA

email, Tel. +1 973.627.8230

Barbara Olson, Sales Administrator, email, Tel.
Tim Witten, Applications Engineer, email, Tel.
products:   Hermetic wire feedthroughs, Sealed Bulkhead Connectors

Research facilities and industrial applications that require high vacuum sealed conductors using low outgassing materials have selected Douglas Electrical Components' flange feedthroughs for over 20 years as their only solution.

NItech NItech Engineered Vacuum Systems, Inc. -
- 106 Hillcrest Ave , Ledgewood, NJ 07852, USA

email, Tel.

NItech is the successor to the Worthington Pump steam ejector product division. With over 70 years of applications experience, NItech is a leader in the design and manufacture of steam ejector, liquid ring vacuum pumps and hybrid vacuum systems.
products:   vacuum ejectors

Whether it's hogging, priming, deaerating, or gland steam exhausting, Nitech has an ejector solution for you. NItech Ejectors are used successfully in Chemical, Desalination, Evaporation, Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical, Steel Degassing

Unique Systems vacuum ejectors Unique Systems, Inc. -
- 4 Saddle Road, Cedar Knolls, NJ 07927-1998, USA

email, Tel.

Over 60 years worth of accumulated knowledge and expertise gathered from the Elliott® Company, a former subsidiary of United Technologies® and an industry leader in Vacuum and Rotating Equipment.
With over 25 years of building this type of equipment, we have acted as a manufacturing vendor for many well-known OEM's.
products:   Ejector Vacuum Systems

Single-Stage, Multi-Stage, and Quickcheck® Ejector Vacuum Systems,

Direct-Contact (Barometric) and Shell & Tube (Surface) Condensers,

Eductors (Liquid-Operated Ejectors), Quickcheck Ejector Steamchests

Cumberland Vacuum Products -
- 720 South West Boulevard, Vineland, NJ 08360, USA

email, Tel.
products:   Vacuum Pump Fluids:

engineered to maintain optimum lubrication while achieving the lowest possible vacuum level.
We manufacture non-additive fluids, food grade, synthetic and semi-synthetic products.
Diffusion & Booster Vacuum Pump Fluids: CVP manufactures a wide range of diffusion pump fluids. General use fluids for industrial applications as well as specialty fluids for high vacuum systems.
Vacuum Greases: High vacuum silicone grease for most standard applications. PFPE and other types for oxygen based processes.

EVEY Engineering, Inc. -
- 730 South West Boulevard, Vineland, NJ 08360, USA

email, Tel.

Evey Engineering services Vacuum Pump Equipment, blowers (Authorized Service Center for Roots Dresser) / Roots High Vacuum Boosters, chambers
products:   Used vacuum pumps, vacuum pump repair

Industrial Vacuum Pumps, Mechanical Vacuum Pumps, Dry Pumps, Turbomolecular Pumps, Diffusion Pumps

Vacuum Pump Equipment: Vacuum Gauges & Instruments, Vacuum Leak Detectors, Vacuum Coating Equipment, Power Supplies, Vacuum Components

Princeton Research Instruments, Inc. -
- 42 Cherry Valley Road, Princeton, New Jersey 08542 USA

email, Tel. +1 (609) 924-0570
products:   We manufacture scientific instruments for use in ultra-high vacuum (UHV)

including reverse view Low Energy Electron Diffraction (LEED) systems,
10 kV High Energy Electron Diffraction (HEED) systems,
and in-vacuum motion systems (stepper motors, positioning stages, and a motor controller).

KNF diaphragm pump KNF Neuberger, Inc. -
- Two Black Forest Road, Trenton, NJ 08691-1810, USA

email, Tel.

KNF Neuberger, Inc., based in the Trenton, NJ area since 1977, designs and manufactures standard and custom-tailored air, gas and liquid diaphragm pumps for the USA, Canada and Mexico markets.
The company's broad range of products support a wide variety of applications,either as a vital part of an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) instrument, or as a stand-alone laboratory appliance.
KNF is a pioneer in the use of PTFE materials for pumps that handle aggressive gases or liquids, and holds over 300 patents; clearly the world leader in diaphragm pump innovation.
products:   Laboratory pumps,   Diaphragm vacuum pumps,

and vacuum systems consisting of a KNF Pump, Stand and Programmable Pump Controller.

Engelhard Corporation -
- 101 Wood Avenue, Iselin, NJ 08830, USA

John Lazzari, email, Tel. +1 (732) 205-5000

Engelhard Corporation is a surface and materials science company that develops technologies to improve customers’ products and processes. A Fortune 500 company, Engelhard is a world-leading provider of technologies for environmental, process, appearance and performance applications.
products:   Vacuum coating materials for sputtering and evaporation processes

Platinum, palladium, iridium, gold, and rhodium metals and their alloys are available in a wide variety of coating sources such as targets, slugs and starter sources, made to standard and custom specifications and tolerances.

Fuji Blowers Fuji Blowers -
- 50 Northfield Avenue, Edison, NJ 08837, USA

email, Tel. +1 (732) 560-9410

Fuji Electric is the North American Distributor for Elektror Airsystems GmbH.
products:   Regenerative Blowers

Fuji Electric offers a wide range of Regenerative Blowers, High Pressure Blowers, Turbo Style Blowers, Coolant Pumps, Air Knife Systems and Vacuum systems.

- 15 Ilene Court Bldg. #12, Unit #6, Hillsborough, NJ 08844, USA

email, Tel. +1 908-359-7014

THINFILMS, Inc. has earned an excellent reputation over the years by providing quality thin film services (in particular coating services) to over 150 corporations in the Hybrid microelectronics, Microwave, Semiconductor, Optical, Medical, Sensor and related industries.
products:   Sputtering, Evaporation, Lithography, RIE and Ion Milling

We offer a wide range of thin film foundry services such as coatings by sputtering and evaporation, dry etching using ion milling and RIE, wet etching and substrate dicing.

Carroll Vacuum Corp. -
- 100 Main St Ste B, South Amboy NJ 08879, USA

email, Tel. +1 (908) 232 4200
products:   Industrial Vacuum Pump Repair

Rotary Vane Pumps, Root's Blowers, Piston Pumps, Dry Pumps, Diaphragm Pumps, Diffusion Pumps, Turbomolecular Pumps.

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