South Carolina vacuum pumps and components   South Carolina vacuum pumps and components

South Carolina vacuum pumps and components        South Carolina vacuum pumps and components
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SANTOLUBES lubricants, fluids and greases SANTOLUBES LLC -
- PO Box 6740, Spartanburg SC 29304, USA

Eric Johnson, email:, Tel. +1 864-596-1553

SantoLubes LLC offers unique and innovative synthetic fluids, lubricants, and greases that provide solutions for demanding applications.
products:   lubricants, fluids and greases

We design our products for use where properties of ultra-extreme high temperature and chemical inertness are not just beneficial but required. Our products excel in ultra-high vacuum, radiation, high altitude and photosensitive environments as well as many other challenging process and lubrication applications.

SantoVac, SantoTrac, ACCL and SantoLubes products are designed to protect critical components and improve system performance and output in a variety of demanding applications.

- One Technology Place, 29360 Laurens, USA

Jason Marlin, email, Tel. +1 864-682-3215

The world leader in the manufacturing of ceramic-to-metal and glass-ceramic sealed electrical and optical components for the vacuum industry.
products:   ceramic-to-metal and glass-ceramic sealing

Standard and custom feedthrough solutions for signal, high voltage and high current applications.
Multipin connectors for instrumentation applications.
Coaxial connectors, thermocouples, ceramic isolators/breaks,
Viewports, air & vacuum side cables, contacts and accessories.

Phillip Technologies Phillip Technologies -
- 2003 Perimeter Rd. Suite E, Greenville, SC 29605-5276, USA

Phillip Grimshaw, President, Tel. +1 864-277-1560

Phillip Technologies is the premier source for thin-film coating supplies, quartz crystals, and evaporative coating equipment. In early 2013 Phillip technologies merged with Tangidyne, LLC to provide the world's most advanced quartz crystals, sensor heads, and monitoring systems at competitive prices and with top-notch customer service to match.
products:   Vacuum Film Thickness Quartz Crystals

MPF Products Inc. -
- 3046 Bramlett Church Road., Gray Court SC 29645, USA

Duane Mallory, email, Tel. +1 864-876-9853

MPF Products Inc. specializes in designing and manufacturing products utilizing ceramic-to-metal sealing technology.
MPF is a global leader in providing hermetic products for customers in various markets including: Aerospace, Vacuum Coating, Semiconductor, Analytical Equipment, Medical Equipment, Industrial Lasers, Defense Technology and Homeland Security, Nanotechnology, Alternative Fuels, Solar Energy, Communication, Photonics and all fields of Materials and Physics Research.
products:   ceramic-to-metal sealing technology

Ultra High Vacuum Feedthroughs and Optical Viewports.

Standard products include Multipin Connectors, Power Feedthroughs, Coaxial Connectors, Thermocouples Isolators, Breaks, Envelopes, Viewports, Connectors, Wires, Insulators & Accessories for vacuum and atmosphere.

Furnacare Furnacare Inc. -
- 100 Corporate Dr Ste A, Spartanburg, SC 29303, USA

email:, Tel. +1 864 599 9955

Many years of high specialization in vacuum engineering has provided Furnacare with the technical knowledge to grasp any specific requirement. Our competence finds application in vacuum furnaces and ovens for heat treatment, exotic alloys, brazing, sintering, aluminizing, ultra-high vacuum (UHV), diffusion bonding and advanced ceramics.
products:   Vacuum furnaces / After Sales Services

All systems, structures and components come with a wide range of options and can be customized to meet your organizationís unique needs. Our models are all produced to the highest standards of quality, also complying with the most stringent specifications of the aerospace industry in terms of temperature uniformity.

Horizontal vacuum furnaces, Hinged door
The best adaptation to all kinds of loads or special application. Perfectly suited for vacuum heat treatment, vacuum brazing, diffusion bonding, vacuum sintering, aluminizing.

Atlas Copco Medical Air Atlas Copco Medical Air -
- 1800 Overview Drive, Rock Hill, SC 29730, USA

Tel. +1 803 817 5600

Atlas Copco is a world leader in solutions that generate sustainable productivity in your applications. Based on more than 130 years of experience and know-how, our products and services for the medical sector range from complete air plants, breathing and surgical air units and vacuum pumps to advanced control systems and terminal units.
products:   Medical Vacuum Plants

Atlas Copco's mVAC systems provide a highly reliable medical vacuum (suction) for a variety of applications, mainly in operating theaters, intensive care, emergency and respirology units.

An mVAC system consists of 2 to 6 air-cooled rotary vane type vacuum pumps and a central controller with an intelligent graphical user interface. The pumps can work independently to satisfy the required vacuum flow.

mVAC systems are suitable for both continuous and frequent start/stop operation. They keep the vacuum level at the point of connection as low as or lower than -600 mbar/-450 mmHg at all times.

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