Arizona vacuum pumps and components   Arizona vacuum pumps and components

Arizona vacuum pumps and components        Arizona vacuum pumps and components
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ORBIT industrial service & maintenance -
- 4024 E. Broadway Rd., Suite 1001, Phoenix, AZ 85040, USA
Frances Vierkoetter, email, Tel. +1 602-414-2460 ext 1001

ORBIT has been in operation since 1999 providing service to a broad base of Industries in diverse markets.
Our primary focus is predictive maintenance works (PMW). This concept supports all types of equipment and industries and goes beyond the preventive maintenance concept that has been used in the industry for many years.
products:   Vacuum Pumps (Dry and Wet), High Vacuum (Turbo/Diffusion/Cryo), accessories, cleaning services
Predictive & Preventive Maintenance
Web-based Data Graphings, Total Equipment Management, Inventory Programs, Web-Based Information, Computerized Tracking, EPI Pump Rebuild
Leak Detection
Gauge & Tube Calibration, Flow Controller repair range changes and calibration

- 3821 E. Broadway Rd. #9, Phoenix, AZ 85040, USA

Jeffrey N. Barcon, President, Tel. +1 (602) 426-0672

an ISO 9001:2000 registered company
products:   vacuum pump repair service

on Rotary Vane, Rotary Piston, Diffusion, Cryo, Turbo, Dry, and Booster Pumps

Escitec Escitec LLC -
- 6040 Main St. #188, Mesa AZ 85205, USA

email, Tel.
products:   Vacuum components and pumps

  Turbomolecular pumps   Scroll pumps   KF/NW components

Opto-mechanical components

Wafer probing technology:   Manual wafer probe stations   3-axis Micropositioners   Probe tip hardware

ColnaTec Thin Film Measurement ColnaTec, LLC -
- 511 W. Guadalupe Road, Suite 23, Gilbert, AZ 85233, USA

email, Tel. +1 480-634-1449

At Colnatec, we work exclusively with manufacturing process control sensors for thin film measurement in areas as diverse as solar cell manufacturing (CIGS), food packaging (R2R), mobile display (OLED), Optical Coatings (ALD), high speed electrical devices (MBE), architectural glass (In-Line) and semiconductor wafer processing (CVD).
Colnatec holds eight (8) patents, and we are recipients of a Department of Energy SBIR award for a revolutionary process control sensor to be used in manufacturing CIGS solar cells.
products:   thin film measurement

Quartz Crystal Sensors
Sensor Heads
Film Thickness Controller

Travaini Pumps USA (West Southwest) -
- PMB 485, 835 W.Warner Road, Suite 101, Gilbert, AZ 85233, USA

email, Tel. +1 (480) 632 7166
products:   Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps

- 1820 W. Drake Dr., Suite 106, Tempe, AZ 85283, USA

email, Tel.

- More than 25 years of combined experience in the Ultra High Vacuum Pump Repair and Service Industry.
- Certified in Turbine High Speed Balance and Vibration Analysis.
- Factory trained in Magnetic Levitation Tuning and Calibration.
- Failure diagnostic on array of turbo molecular pumping modules and applications.
products:   turbo pump repair and servicing

Standard Service, Major Service, Equipment Sales Test and Evaluation, Failure Analysis Report, Balancing

Innovac Services Innovac Services LLC -
- 5125 W. Montebello Ave, Glendale AZ 85301, USA

email, Tel. +1 (623) 939-6650

Innovac, was founded in 1994 as a vacuum pump rebuilder to service the needs of the growing semiconductor industry, as customers required back-up suppliers to their OEM (original equipment manufacture) Service Provider.
products:   New Vacuum Pumps and Services

Large Dry Scroll Vacuum Pumps, Small Multilobe Dry Vacuum Pumps, Compact Dry Scroll Vacuum Pumps,
Semiconductor Vacuum Pumps, Industrial Vacuum Pumps
Blower Repair, Cryo Repair, Difussion Repair, Dry Pump Repair, Piston Repair, Rotary Vane Repair, Turbo Repair

Mass flow meter Alicat Scientific, Incorporated -
- 7641 N. Business Park Drive, Tucson, AZ 85743, USA

email, Tel. (888) 290 6060

Founded: 1991, Tucson, Arizona ; Acquired: 2010 by Halma plc
More than 100,000 Alicat mass flow and pressure instruments are in operation around the world.
products:   Pressure controllers and mass flow controllers for vacuum coating

Fast, responsive gas delivery for PVD and ALD processes

Delivery of purge and reactive gases into a vacuum coating system requires fast response and precise control. These innovatively reliable, versatile products are superior to original equipment, in a competitively-priced package.

Alcatel Vacuum Alcatel Vacuum Products -
- 2420 W. 14th Street, Tempe AZ 85821, USA

Peter Kardok, sales manager, email, Tel.

All the vacuum technology strength, skill and expertise built up by Alcatel over 40 years are now concentrated in Adixen. Alcatel Vacuum Technology will continue to deliver high quality, cost-effective, high-performance vacuum pumps, helium leak detectors and micro machining systems under the new brand name, Adixen.
products:   Vacuum pumps

rotary vane pumps, RVP roughing pumps secondary pumps , turbomolecular pumps and molecular technology, maglev turbomolecular pumps, high vacuum pumps - dry primary pumps - process integrated dry pumps, compact dry roughing pumps - roots pumps and roots packages, plug and play tool pumping systems - vacuum gauges - fittings and flanges.

- Helium leak detectors: portable and console leak detectors, dry leak detector systems.

- Micro machining systems: ICP plasma etching systems for MEMS.
- Semiconductors
- Intrumentation (gas analysis, optical spectometer, electron microscopes, surface analysis)
- Research and Development for fundamental research, industrial and university laboratories
- Glass coating for thermal isolation and infrated barrier
- Automotive industry
- Freeze drying, centrifuges, plasma sterilizer
- Refrigeration, air-cnditioning and cryogenics
- Light bulb and television tube manufacturing
- CD/DVD production
- Medical and pharmaceutical industries
- Industrial helium leak detection
- Deep plasma ICP Etching tools for MEMS production : automotive, biomedical, Telecom, information technology.