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Pfeiffer Vacuum USA Pfeiffer Vacuum Inc. -
- 36 Westwood Drive, NY 14445-1672 East Rochester, USA

Terry Rogelstad, Sales Engineer, email:
Tel. + 1 585 248 8635, Toll Free Number: (800) 248-8254
products:   vacuum pumps and systems, measurement and analysis equipment, vacuum components

  Rotary vane vacuum pumps   diaphragm pumps   piston vacuum pumps   dry screw pumps

  High vacuum side channel pumps   roots blowers   turbomolecular pumps

  Vacuum measurement   Analysis, Residual Gas Analyser

  Leak detectors   leak detection systems

  Vacuum chambers   vacuum flanges and fittings   hoses, flexible connectors

  Viewports   vacuum valves   feedthoughs   manipulators

- 44 Dalliba Ave, NY 12189 Watervliet, USA

Amy LeBlanc, email:, Tel. +1 518-874-3600

At Solid Sealing Technology, we utilize the latest equipment and processes to join advanced materials including: metalizing of ceramics, high temperature brazing, glass-ceramic sealing, welding, and critical mechanical assembly.
products:   feedthroughs, connectors and custom assemblies

Whether you are a distributor looking for industry standard feedthroughs and connectors, or an O.E.M. that requires a custom assembly, SST takes pride in engineering and manufacturing to your specific needs.

International Advanced Materials - high purity evaporation materials and sputtering targets International Advanced Materials -
- 2 North Cole Avenue, Spring Valley, NY 10977, USA

email:, Tel. +1 (845) 352-5800

Founded in 1978, IAM has been serving the thin film coating industry for over 30 years. Since it's incorporation, International Advanced Materials (IAM) has been a privately owned, family operated business serving the electronic, optical, and aerospace industries. Our staff of engineers are some of the most knowledgeable men and women in the field of thin film evaporation.
products:   Crucible liners, Evaporation materials

International Advanced Materials specializes in electron beam evaporation. IAM fabricates the most complete line of spare parts and standard crucible inserts for electron beam evaporation. Crucible inserts simplify the process of exchanging evaporation material, reduces handling contamination and keeps the electron beam gun hearth cleaner. Many of IAM’s crucibles are specifically designed to increase the evaporation rate, and prevent wetting or alloying with hearth or insert. IAM’s engineers are available for consultation on all evaporation techniques and procedures.

Beach-Russ Company -
- 544 Union Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11211, USA

email, Tel. +1 (718) 388-4090

Beach-Russ Company has been manufacturing rotary piston and rotary vane high vacuum pumps and complete hybrid vacuum systems since 1898 primarily for industrial market and rugged application. Over nine decades the company has been family owned and operated, providing excellent quality products with most applications engineers in the vacuum industry today.
Beach-Russ Company leading by Mr. C.A. Beach (President) having more than 20 years of experience in vacuum pumps supported by Mr. Arthur T. Beach working for more than 50 years in the company.
Rotary piston vacuum pumps, rotary vane vacuum pumps, liquid ring vacuum pumps, hybrid vacuum pumps, dry screw vacuum pumps

Kelly Vacuum Technologies, Inc. -
- PO Box 118, Sea Cliff, NY 11579, USA

J. Kelly, Tel. +1 516-674-8202

The companies we represent include Global Vacuum Products, VTex and MoreTec.
products:   vacuum pump replacement parts,

vacuum components, and instruments.
We also offer vacuum flanges, fittings and vacuum pump oil at discounted prices.

- 284 Knickerbocker Avenue, 11716 Bohemia, USA

Ralph Pirozzi, email, Tel. +1 631-563-7565

Specializing in Vacuum pump repair and rebuilding since 1991 and serving a wide spectrum of industries and markets including industrial, chemical, food production, laboratory and research.
products:   Vacuum pump services, vacuum pump rebuilding, vacuum pump repair

used vacuum pumps, new vacuum pumps.

NUTEC Nutec Components -
- 81 East Jefryn Boulevard, Deer Park, NY 11729-5733, United States

email, Tel. +1 (631) 242-1224
products:   Positioning Systems & Stages

Our vacuum rated positioning products are is designed as fine precision machines with special attention paid to selecting high-performance components to achieve outstanding positioning performance with zero off gassing. These stages are fabricated assembled and tested under strict anti-contamination protocols and use specially selected lubricants and cabling for exceptional results in terms of accuracy and motion trajectory, even with high payload.

Kinemotive Edge Welded Metal Bellows Kinemotive Corporation -
- 222 Central Avenue, Farmingdale, NY 11735, USA

email, Tel.

Since 1959, aircraft and aerospace, government, medical, military, oceanographic, semiconductor, and critical industrial contractors have all relied on Kinemotive Corporation for engineered dynamic components. We started by producing deposited and edge-welded bellows for instrument controls. Since then, KC has expanded its engineered dynamic components to include Accumulators, Fuel and Air Metering, Vibration Damping, Temperature Sensors, Remote and Local Pressure-Actuated Devices, Switches, Indicators and Limiters.
products:   edge-welded bellows for instrument controls

- 36 Southern Boulevard, Nesconset, NY 11767, USA

email, Tel.

Founded in 1976 and from its inception the objective of the company has been to provide high quality vacuum components at a competitive cost. During the early and mid 1980's KEY HIGH VACUUM PRODUCTS, INC. began to expand its manufactured product offerings significantly by additionally supplying the semiconductor, coating and industrial markets.
Stainless Steel Valves - Brass Valves - Butterfly Valves - ISO Flanges & Fittings - Foreline Traps - Stainless Steel Flex Hoses, Formed & Welded Bellows - Compression Fittings / Weld Fittings - O-Ring Flanges - Met-Seal Flanges & Components - Vacuum Systems - Chambers, Collars, Controllers & Accessories

Vacuum Instrument Corporation -
- 2099 Ninth Avenue, Ronkonkoma, NY 11779, USA

email, Tel.

The former Veeco Instruments family of leak detectors is now manufactured, sold and serviced by Vacuum Instrument Corporation (VIC). VIC is committed to continuing the Veeco tradition of leak detection innovation and development, and to support of the world’s largest base of installed leak detectors.
products:   leak detection

KG Power Systems -
- 150 Laser Ct., Hauppauge, NY 11788, USA

email, Tel.

KG Power Systems has been New York’s Leading Vacuum Pump and Blower Service Center since 1949. Throughout the years, we have grown by providing good customer service and a helpful attitude that has continued to keep NY’s Vacuum Pumps and Blowers running longer.
Our 21,000 Square Foot Vacuum Pump and Industrial Blower Repair Shop in Hauppauge, NY has the ability to repair, rebuild and customize all makes and models of Vacuum Pumps and Industrial Blowers.
products:   Vacuum Pump and Blower Repair Shop in the NY Metro Area

Vacuum Pumps: Oil-Flooded Vacuum Pumps, Oil-Less Vacuum Pumps, Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps, Pressure Vacuum Pumps, Diaphragm Pumps

Industrial Blowers: Regenerative Blowers, Multi-Stage Centrifugal Blowers, Positive Displacement Blowers, Bulk Transfer Blowers, Process Blowers, Radial Blowers

Capovani Brothers Inc. -
- 704 Corporations Park, NY 12302 Scotia, USA
Edward Capovani,

Capovani Brothers Inc. is at heart a buyer, refurbisher, and seller of used semiconductor manufacturing equipment. As such, we deal with a wide variety of customers, having an equally wide variety of needs and interests. Established in 1987, and an online pioneer with our web-based inventory catalog since 1994, we are proud of our reputation in the industry and we continue to work toward impressing our customers with simple honesty and value.
In terms of inventory, what we buy and sell typically ranges from vacuum pumps and power supplies, to clean room equipment, inspection microscopes, and sputtering chambers

Torr International, Inc. -
- 12 Columbus Street, New Windsor, NY 12553, USA

email, Tel.

Torr International, Inc. is in its 14th year of business. It started primarily as a vacuum technology company, and in the last six years it has established itself as a Thin Film equipment specialist. Torr International, Inc. acquired Plasma Sciences,Inc. of Virginia USA and routinely produce and market their Models LVC-76, CrC-150, as well as repair and service their old systems.
Torr International, Inc. primarily specializes in Thin Film Deposition and Etching Systems. We do occasionally design and manufacture Vacuum chambers to customers' specifications as well as sell Vacuum pumps and other hardware.
Our range of Thin Film Systems include: MagSput™ Magnetron Sputtering systems, Electron Beam Evaporation systems, Thermal Evaporation systems, Compact Research Coaters, and combinations of them.

Nandor Technologies , Inc. -
- 23 Franklin St. Port Jervis, NY 12771, USA

email, Tel.

Nandor Technologies, Inc. has specialized in the service, support and reconditioning of vacuum pumps and equipment for over 30 years.
products:   service, support and reconditioning of vacuum pumps

We sell new and reconditioned vacuum pumps and are authorized distributors for major vacuum pump manufacturers. Nandor Technologies uses the latest cleaning technologies available to ensure that your vacuum pump is immaculately cleaned and ready to run at peak performance.

Sterile Technologies, Inc. -
- 63 Park Rd., Queensbury, NY 12804, USA

email, Tel.

Sterile Technologies, Inc., was established in 1987. We offer sterilizer manufacturing, remanufacturing, installation, facility design, architectural, mechanical, electrical and structural engineering services, a line of steam and Ethylene Oxide sterilizer process controllers, continuous environmental monitoring systems. Custom design of In-Line Irradiation (Electron Beam) custom sterilization process systems.

Ethylene Oxide Sterilizers and Steam Autoclaves
Dry Vacuum Pump Systems
Sterilizer Recirculation Blowers
Catalytic Oxidizer

- Two Technology Place, East Syracuse, NY 13057-9714, USA

email, Tel. +1 (315) 434 1100

Manufacturing Facilities: Syracuse, New York; Balzers, Liechtenstein; Cologne, Germany; Aaland Islands, Finland
Employees: 700
INFICON is a leading developer, manufacturer and supplier of vacuum instrumentation, critical sensor technologies and process control software, with an emphasis on process engineering expertise, for the semiconductor and related industries. These analysis, measurement and control products are vital to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and end-users in the complex manufacturing of semiconductors, flat panel displays, magnetic and optical storage media and precision optics. INFICON also provides essential instrumentation for gas leak detection and toxic chemical analysis to the air conditioning / refrigeration, emergency response and industrial hygiene markets. In addition, INFICON sells to vacuum pump manufacturers who act as distributors to small and medium-size customers in diverse markets.
INFICON offers a broad range of specialized instruments and software including sensor integration and analysis systems, advanced process control software, mass spectrometers, residual gas analyzers, in situ particle detectors, thin film deposition monitors and controllers, partial pressure controllers, helium and halogen gas leak detectors, vacuum gauges, vacuum valves, fittings and feedthroughs, and a field-portable GC/MS specifically designed to address the needs of environmental testing and emergency response.

TANGIDYNE CORP - 19 South Street, 13108 Marcellus, USA

Scott GRIMSHAW, email, Tel.

Tangidyne Corp was established in 2001 by Scott Grimshaw, inventor of the RC-Quartz Crystal and Alloy Quartz Crystal monitor. Tangidyne has 5 patents in quartz crystal film thickness technology and makes stock items as well as custom sensors for research.
Quartz Crystals for Inficon Film Thickness Monitors, QCM's, Microbalances, vacuum feedthroughs and cables.

Westmoor Ltd. - www
- 906 West Hamilton Avenue, Sherrill, NY 13461, USA

email, Tel.
products:   Condé Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps

Dry, oil free, pulsation free air for vacuum or pressure applications.
Little or no maintenance, Years of trouble free operation, Completely rebuildable.

Air flows from 7 to 140 cfm, 1/3 to 15 hp.
Vacuums from 0" to 20 " Hg continuous operation, 24" Hg intermittant.
Pressures from 0 to 12 psi continuous operation, 15 psi intermittant.

Graham vacuum and heat transfer equipment for process industries, vacuum ejectors and liquid ring vacuum pumps GRAHAM Corporation -
- 20 Florence Avenue, Batavia NY 14020, USA

email:, Tel. +1 (585) 343 2216

Graham pioneered the modern steam jet ejector system, and continues to improve its efficiency and performance. We are the only steam jet ejector manufacturer that designs and manufactures all major components of the system. This single-unit responsibility allows us to guarantee unmatched ejector performance.
products:   vacuum ejectors,   liquid ring vacuum pumps,

vacuum and heat transfer equipment for process industries.
Graham Corporation designs and builds vacuum and heat transfer equipment for process industries throughout the world. Principal markets served include the chemical, petrochemical, petroleum refining, and electric power generating industries, including cogeneration and geothermal plants.

SIHI Pumps Inc. -
- 303 Industrial Boulevard, NY 14072-0460 Grand Island, USA

email, Tel. +1 (716) 773 6450
- liquid ring vacuum pumps: LEM, Close-coupled design, 7-160 acfm - LEH, Single stage, 220-540 acfm - LPH, Single and Two stage vacuum, 0.5-6000 acfm
- dry running vacuum pumps: SIHIdry AS160, 100 ACFM - SIHIdry H250/H400, 150/250 acfm - SIHIdry H631/H1000, 400/600 acfm
- SIVAC (SIHI Vacuum) Industrial and Medical Vacuum Systems

Allied Products and Systems - P.O. Box 502, Lockport, NY 14095-0502, USA

Vic Couturier, email, Tel.

Artisan Industries sales representative for New York (western)
products:   Vacuum Ejectors

Keller Technology Keller Technology Corp. -
- 2320 Military Road, Tonawanda, NY 14150, USA

email, Tel. +1 716-693-3840

Presently operating from facilities in Buffalo, New York–Charlotte, North Carolina and affiliates in Seoul, South Korea–Keller Technology offers a range of “Build-to-Print,” “Design & Build” and Contract Manufacturing services for a wide variety of high-technology industries.
products:   Custom Vacuum Chambers

Keller Technology corporation offers vacuum components, weldments, custom vacuum chambers, and fully integrated vacuum systems-manufactured to your specifications, or designed & built to your requirements.

KTC specializes in stainless steel and aluminum chambers with large, complex geometries. Our dedicated staff is well versed in the proper manufacture of custom vacuum chambers – from initial design through final test and packaging protocol.

WSF Industries, Inc. -
- 7 Hackett Dr., Tonawanda, NY 14150, USA

email, Tel. 800-874-8265, Tel. +1 716-692-4930

WSF designs, engineers, and manufactures a variety of complete autoclave systems, pressure vessels to ASME Code standards, vacuum vessels, dewaxers, impregnators, reactors, sterilizers, vulcanizers, and related material handling equipment.
products:   Vacuum Pressure Impregnation (VPI) Systems

VPI technology can be used in a wide range of applications from insulating electrical coil windings to sealing porous metal castings.

Our VPI systems can be configured in a variety of ways, depending on the size and form of the product to be impregnated, the type of impregnant used and other production factors.
Special features of a WSF VPI system include our unique RAPIDOOR a breech-lock enclosure that opens and closes in seconds, and an Impregnator False Bottom that reduces the overall required volume of costly resins.

Materion Advanced Material Materion Advanced Material Group -
- 2978 Main Street, Buffalo, NY 14214, USA

Edward Strother, email, Tel.

Founded in 1931 with roots going back more than 100 years, the company today serves customers in more than 50 countries. We have operating, service center and major office locations throughout North America, Europe and Asia, and employ approximately 2,500 people worldwide.
products:   Sputtering Targets

We manufacture products to support your thin film coating applications and meet your need for uniformity, reproducibility and homogeneity with our high purity, low spit targets.

Precious & non-precious metal designs & forms; ceramic & inorganic targets with customized chemistries; planar, rotary & large area targets; standard && custom sizes; backing plates, pure & rare earth metals, custom alloys.

We provide complementary services to help customers manage metals for optimal returns, including: target bonding, shield cleaning, reclaim & recycle, customer support, and R&D assistance.

Conax Technologies Conax Technologies -
- 2300 Walden Avenue, Buffalo, NY 14225 USA, USA

email, , Tel. 1.800.223.2389
products:   Instrumentation Feedthroughs for the Furnace and Autoclave Industry

Conax Technologies sealed feedthroughs and compression seal fittings have proven to be the industry leaders in quality and performance. We are the originators of soft sealant technology that, when combined with mechanical compression, results in a remarkably secure seal on wires, probes, and electrodes passing through a pressure or environmental boundary.

Kinequip Inc. -
- 365 Old Niagara Falls Blvd, Buffalo, NY 14228, USA

email, Tel.

Since 1946 distributor of pneumatic products and factory automation.
Airmotors, Blowers, Valves, Compressors, Fittings and Couplers, Instrumentation, and many more.
We have products from SMC Pneumatics Inc., Kaeser, Rietschle, Circle Seal Controls, Hoke, Bauer, Gast, WIKA, Aromat and many more.

Precision Plus Precision Plus Vacuum Parts, Inc. -
- 2055 Niagara Falls Blvd., NY 14304 Niagara Falls, USA

Timothy McDonough, email, Tel.+1 (716) 297 2039

Precision Plus was founded in 1984 with one guiding principle: To provide the highest quality parts and service at competitive prices. Exclusively dedicated to the supply of vacuum pump replacement parts and consumables, we have the inventory, the experience, and the on-site manufacturing expertise to offer you top-notch parts for less than what is typically charged by the OEMS.
products:   spare parts and consumables, vacuum pump repair kits

fittings, oil, metal pump parts and filters for many pump manufacturers: BOC Edwards, Leybold, Busch, Alcatel, Pfeiffer, Ebara, Stokes, Kinney, Fischer Scientific, Welch and Varian.

- 35 Howard Ave, New York 14428 Churchville, USA

email, Tel. +1 585-293-3330

Inland Vacuum manufactures and distributes a complete line of vacuum pump fluids and lubricants to the vacuum industry for over thirty years.
products:   Mechanical Pump Fluids, Diffusion Pump fluids,

Apiezon, Celvacene High vacuum greases, Fomblin products, Galden Thermal fluid products

High Performance NiColoy Bellows and Assemblies Nicoform Inc. -
- 72 Cascade Drive, Rochester, NY 14614, USA

email, Tel.
products:   High Performance NiColoy Bellows and Assemblies

Electroformed NiColoy® bellows (sometimes called electrodeposited bellows) outperform other bellows due to their stress-free nature and high alloy strength, especially in precision dynamic applications.

Kinequip, Inc. - 300 White Spruce Blvd., Rochester, NY 14623, USA

Charles Hamill, Manager, Toll Free +1 (800) 982-8894, Tel. +1 (585) 272-1590

Distributor of vacuum pumps, compressors, valves, gauges.

- 120 Mushroom Blvd, 14623 Rochester, USA

Len Champion, email, Tel.

Champion Equipment is a privately held corporation in Upstate New York. We began in 1985 as a small manufacturer’s agency specializing in process vacuum technology and now offer a complete range of state-of-the-art products and services designed to reduce environmental impact, maintenance, and energy usage for gas and fluid handling equipment. Champion provides its customers with a single source for quality pumps, filters, piping components, accessories, systems, technical support, and service.
Pumps and Blowers
Complete Systems
Components and Accessories

VERGASON TECHNOLOGY Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) hard coating/metalizing systems VERGASON TECHNOLOGY -
- 166 State Route 224, 14889 Van Etten, NY, USA

Mark Fitch, Director of Marketing & Sales, email:, Tel. 6075894429

Vergason Technology, Inc., founded in 1986, is a leading innovator in thermal evaporation, cathodic arc, and sputtered PVD coating services and systems. Our markets include appliances, automotive lighting, aerospace, electronics, residential and commercial lighting, medical, decorative, tooling, molds, and dies. With over 150 installed systems across 4 continents, offices in China, Mexico, and Poland, we are the vacuum coating solutions experts.
products:   vacuum coating systems and services