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WINTEK        vacuum units for medical applications

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WINTEK medical Wintek Corporation -
- 7 Middlebury Blvd, STE2, Randolph, NJ 07869, USA

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Wintek has extensive experience in applications requiring vacuum in process industries including the chemical, environmental, food, pharmaceutical and plastics industries. We review your application and requirements, and explain the advantages and/or disadvantages of each type of vacuum pump so that you can understand our recommendation. Our focus is on vacuum pump reliability in your application at a reasonable cost.
products:   Central Medical Vacuum Systems

Central Medical Vacuum Systems maintain vacuum for patient beds, surgical suites, neo-natal suites, etc., from a central location. Vacuum systems will come in contact with primarily water vapor, biologics, and possibly anesthesia gases. Vacuum levels typically are maintained between 15-26 HgV, with requirements for dental applications in the 10-14 HgV range. These system are required to meet NFPA-99 design requirements.
Systems typically include 2, 3, or 4 pumps (one of the vacuum pumps being an installed spare) with a vacuum receiver tank and control panel.

Allied Healthcare Schuco Vac Aspirator Suction Unit Allied Healthcare Products, Inc. -
- 1720 Sublette Avenue, St. Louis, MO 63110, USA

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Allied Healthcare Products, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of medical gas construction equipment, respiratory therapy equipment, home healthcare products, and emergency medical supplies. Our products appear worldwide in a range of medical applications, including hospital care, sub-acute treatment, long-term care, home healthcare, and medical emergencies.
products:   Schuco Aspirators - Models 130A - 330A - 430A

Portable Suction Equipment:
Gomco® OptiVac® Portable Suction Unit, Gomco® Homecare Suction Units
Gomco® Automatic/Manual Breast Pump, Gomco® Aspirator, Gomco® Compact Drainage Pump

AMICO Vacuum for hospitals and clinics AMICO Corporation -
- 200 Madison Street Passaic, NJ 07055, USA

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Amico Corporation, founded in 1974, is a leading manufacturer of Medical gas Pipeline Equipment for hospitals and clinics.
All products conform to NFPA 99, CSA Z305 and are manufactured to ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 standards. Products are UL Listed and/or CSA approved where required. Products comply with FDA-CFR 820/Canadian Medical Devices Regulations standards and are manufactured in accordance with good manufacturing practice (GMP) in mind.

Medical vacuum, Lubricated- / Oil-less-rotary vane Systems,

Oil-sealed- and Water-sealed-liquid ring systems.

Atlantic Fluidics CVP Central Liquid Ring Vacuum Systems for Medical and Dental applications Atlantic Fluidics® Products, Tuthill -
- 21 South Street, Norwalk, CT 06854-2602, USA

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CVP Central Liquid Ring Vacuum Systems for Medical and Dental applications, surgical suction, extraction of fluids
Atlantic Fluidics® Series CVP Central Vacuum Systems provide a remote supply of plant vacuum which can be located away from the production area or vacuum outlets, thus reducing noise and heat in the work area. The systems feature the A Series single-stage liquid ring pumps in either a simplex (one pump) or duplex (two pumps) design. The energy-efficient systems are designed to operate automatically, with the pump(s) starting when the plant vacuum demand increases and stopping when the demand is met.

Atlas Copco Medical Air Atlas Copco Medical Air -
- 1800 Overview Drive, Rock Hill, SC 29730, USA

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Atlas Copco is a world leader in solutions that generate sustainable productivity in your applications. Based on more than 130 years of experience and know-how, our products and services for the medical sector range from complete air plants, breathing and surgical air units and vacuum pumps to advanced control systems and terminal units.
products:   Medical Vacuum Plant

Atlas Copco's mVAC systems provide a highly reliable medical vacuum (suction) for a variety of applications, mainly in operating theaters, intensive care, emergency and respirology units.

An mVAC system consists of 2 to 6 air-cooled rotary vane type vacuum pumps and a central controller with an intelligent graphical user interface. The pumps can work independently to satisfy the required vacuum flow.

mVAC systems are suitable for both continuous and frequent start/stop operation. They keep the vacuum level at the point of connection as low as or lower than -600 mbar/-450 mmHg at all times.

BECKER Vacuum for medical and surgical applications Becker Pumps Corp. -
- 100 East Ascot Lane, Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44223-3768, USA

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products:   vacuum pumps for medical and surgical applications

rotary vane vacuum pumps

photo: Typical oil-less pump used for Surgical Centers and WAGD

DREMED medical vacuum DRE, Inc. -
1800 Williamson Court, Louisville KY 40223, USA

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DRE is a premier medical and surgical equipment supplier that provides a combination of new and professionally refurbished equipment to medical professionals around the globe.
DRE specializes in equipment for the operating room and critical care environment. We offer complete suites of anesthesia machines, monitors, lighting, tables, respiratory ventilators, electrosurgical units, microscopes, defibrillators, and much more.
products:   medical vacuum systems for hospital and surgery center use

The innovative control design provides users with one of the most flexible and informative operating systems available in the industry. DRE ensures your facility can take advantage of the latest in system control. Systems are offered using Becker oil-less rotary vane vacuum pumps or Pneumofore lubricated rotary vane vacuum pumps.
Arrangements include receiver-mounted pumps and modular systems which may include stackable or side-by-side module arrangements. DRE often provides custom systems to meet user requirements.

Powerex medical vacuum Powerex™ Inc. -
- 100 Production Dr. Harrison, OH 45030, USA

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Manufacturer Of Oilless Industrial & Medical Air Systems, Industrial & Medical Vacuum Systems, Oilless Scroll Compressors, OEM Single/Two Stage Oilless & Lubricated Compressor Pumps, Vacuum Pumps, Climate Control, Dental Air Compressors, Air Dryers & Air Purifiers, Engineered Custom Systems
Powerex manufactures our products in three world class facilities: Harrison, Ohio; Fukushima, Japan; and Yokohama, Japan.
products:   medical vacuum: Rotary Vane Skid Mount Vacuums, Rotary Vane Tank Mount Vacuums

features: NFPA 99 Compliant, Modular Design Concept, Lubricated Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps, TEFC Motors, ASME Receiver

UL Listed, Nema 12 Control Panel, includes: - IEC Motor Protectors, - Minimum Run Timer, - Low Oil Level Alarm, - High Temperature Discharge Alarm, - Low Vacuum Alarm

Squire-Cogswell Squire-Cogswell / Aeros Instruments Inc. (Healthcair) -
- 1111 Lakeside Drive, Gurnee, IL 60031, USA

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For nearly 40 years Squire-Cogswell Company has fabricated medical air and vacuum systems -- first for major medical marketers -- and now under our own name. As a private label supplier to Ohio Medical Products, Allied Healthcare, and Puritan Bennett, Squire-Cogswell designed and built over 15,000 air and vacuum packages for hospitals and clinics throughout the world. There is a good chance that your facility is equipped with air and vacuum systems that were built by our company.
In 1989 we began to market our products under the Squire-Cogswell name. In 1992 we trademarked our current HEALTHCAIR product line. In 1993 we began to market pipeline products such as manifolds and outlets compatible with our competitors' quick connect designs. Today we offer a full line of medgas equipment for your every need. We have equipped a multitude of hospitals throughout the United States.
We are a leading manufacturer of complete systems, but we are also a distributor of many lines of vacuum pumps and compressors. Throughout our history, we have sold many of the major brands -- Sihi, Busch, Rietschle, Gast, T.I. Pneumotive, Powerex, Quincy, and others. This experience has uniquely positioned us as experts in all types of pumps used in medical applications.
products:   Healthcair Series vacuum systems

includes both rotary vane and liquid ring, either water or oil sealed.

Standard models range from simplex to quadruplex:
- Oil Lubricated Rotary Vane: from Simplex Vertical Tank Mount to Quadruplex Stack Mount,
- Dry Rotary Vane: Duplex Horizontal Tank Mount, Duplex Vertical Tank Mount
- Water sealed liquid ring: Base / Tank or Stack Mount, Duplex to Quadruplex, partial or total Recirculation Systems
- Oil sealed liquid ring: Duplex Base Mount, Triplex Base Mount

Medical Vacuum SIVAC Sterling Fluid Systems (USA)
- 303 Industrial Boulevard , Grand Island, NY 14072, USA

products:   Package Systems: Standard Medical Vacuum SIVAC (SIHI Vacuum)

The SIVAC systems are designed so that contaminants are not permitted to collect in the vacuum tank unless required. Only liquid ring vacuum pumps such as Sterling SIHI have this inherent feature.
Various systems are designed to satisfy the demanding requirements of existing hospitals seeking to upgrade their vacuum systems.
The SIVAC is available in three configurations:
The SIVAC Simplex systems are designed for upgrading vacuum requirements, and are arranged to allow field installation of a second unit on the primary system to facilitate future expansion.
The SIVAC Duplex systems are supplied for new or upgraded systems where each pump must be capable of 100% of the average calculated system demand.
Realizing the variable demands prevalent in large hospitals, Sterling SIHI has designed a SIVAC Triplex systems to supplement existing Duplex units. Each pump operating in a sequence is capable of at least 50% of the average operating demand.

Tri-Tech Medical Tri-Tech Medical Inc. -
- 35401 Avon Commerce Parkway, Avon, Ohio 44011, USA

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Since 1989, Tri-Tech Medical has been a manufacturer of high quality medical gas piping equipment.
Members of NFPA, ASPE, and MGPHO, we are committed to providing innovative medical gas piping products, designed with features found nowhere else.
products:   Medical Vacuum Pumps

Rely on Tri-Tech Medical Inc. to provide you with the right medical gas vacuum system for your application!
- NFPA 99 compliant
- Oilless to oil lubricated
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