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Pfeiffer Vacuum USA Pfeiffer Vacuum Inc. -

Toll Free Number: (800) 248-8254

- 568 Gibraltar Drive, CA 95035 Milpitas, USA
Bob Feichtmeir, Key Account Manager, email, Tel. +1 408 956 2578 -313
Armando Cordova, Sales Engineer, email, Tel. +1 408 956 2578 -326
products:   vacuum pumps and systems, measurement and analysis equipment, vacuum components

  Rotary vane vacuum pumps   diaphragm pumps   piston vacuum pumps   dry screw pumps

  High vacuum side channel pumps   roots blowers   turbomolecular pumps

  Vacuum measurement   Analysis, Residual Gas Analyser

  Leak detectors   leak detection systems

  Vacuum chambers   vacuum flanges and fittings   hoses, flexible connectors

  Viewports   vacuum valves   feedthoughs   manipulators

Thermal Conductive Bonding THERMAL CONDUCTIVE BONDING, INC. -
- 1430 Tully Road, 95122 San Jose, USA

Jacques Matteau, email:, Tel. +1 408-920-0255

Thermal Conductive Bonding, Inc.: Since 1998 TCB has offered high quality bonding services for the high technology communities. Having successfully developed proprietary bonding techniques that uniquely address issues relating to assemblies such as sputtering targets, Electrostatic Chucks, and Gas Dispenser Plates, TCB has had a focus on the thin film and semiconductor community. With many decades of solid experience in joining materials TCB continues to explorer diverse applications that would have us expand on where our techniques and bonding materials can be used.
products:   Precision Bonding Services

Indium Bonding, Elastomer Bonding, Custom Sputter Coating

- 591 W. Hamilton Avenue Suite 210, Campbell, CA 95008, USA

email, Tel. (408) 626-7900

FPD Manufacturing Equipment
Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment
Media Device Manufacturing Equipment
Vacuum Equipment
Laser Equipment

Celerity, Inc. -
- 1463 Centre Pointe Drive, Milpitas, CA 95035, USA

email, Tel. +1 408 946 3100
products:   Capacitance Manometers

Celerity's digital capacitance manometers provide absolute pressure measurements irrespective of gas composition, making them the preferred vacuum gauge for process measurement in both the semiconductor and electronics industries. We offer a comprehensive range of unheated, high-performance gauges, unheated compact gauges, and high-performance heated gauges for the most critical process measurement applications.
Chamber Pressure Control Systems

California Vacuum Systems -
- 18675 Adams Court Suite L Morgan Hill, CA 95037, USA

email, Tel. +1 408.779.3323

California Vacuum Systems was started in 1989 with the goal of providing quick, reliable and cost effective service for Helium Leak Detectors. Since then we have grown to include Vacuum Pumps, Chambers and Calibration Services. We have a 20 year history of providing quality Vacuum Solutions for our customers.
products:   helium leak detectors

Helium Leak Detectors
Mechanical Vacuum Pumps
On-site Service and Repairs
Calibration Services
Training Classes
24-Hour Emergency Service and Advice Hot Line.

Technovac Service -
- 16840 Joleen Way Suite H, Morgan Hill, CA 95037, USA

email, Tel. +1 408 391 3929
products:   Vacuum Pump Service - specializing in Edwards Dry Pump Repair

We are a full service provider of unbiased, straight-forward, cost effective vacuum pump repair. From our headquarters in Morgan Hill, California, we serve the entire United States and an emerging Asian market. We specialize in all vacuum pumps, including wet, dry, semiconductor, industrial, blowers, scrolls and turbos. We offer the experience and technical skills to provide knowledge based evaluations and practical service and vacuum pump repair solutions. Technovacís Refurbished Sales Division offers affordable alternative equipment replacement for most circumstances when repair is not feasible.

Excel Tek Inc. -
- 1902 Lafayette St. #F, Santa Clara, CA 95050, USA

email, Tel.

Excel Tek was founded in March of 1990 in Santa Clara, CA (the heart of the silicon valley). We specialize in repairing and selling high quality vacuum equipments for high technology industries. We understand that reliability and performance of these equipments make a major difference in productivity. This is proven everyday to companies who, for years have depended on our technical staff for servicing, refurbishing, and rebuilding their vacuum pumps to peak performance.
products:   a wide range of refurbished product selections from major vacuum solution manufacturers.

They include:
Cryo Pumps - Genesis, CTI Cryogenics
Dry Pumps - BOC Edwards, Ebara
Piston Pumps - Leybold, Kinneys, Stokes
Root Pumps - Alcatel, BOC Edwards, Leybold, Stokes
Rotary Vane Pumps - Alcatel, BOC Edwards, Busch, Leybold, Sargent Welch
Turbomolecular Pumps - Alcatel, BOC Edwards(Seiko Seiki), Ebara, Leybold, Pfeiffer Balzers, Osaka, Varian
Scroll Pumps - Anest Iwata, BOC Edwards, Varian

FMG Enterprises Inc. -
- 1125 Memorex Drive, Santa Clara, CA 95050, USA

email, Toll free 800.327.6177

Founded in 1985 FMG has become the premier pump remanufacturer. Consistently providing the semiconductor industry with the highest level of service and vacuum pump rebuilds and repairs. In 1985, FMG purchased the property that our present plant is on. This included 20,000sf of production space and 10,000sf of warehouse space. Since then this property has been customized for the rebuilding of large quantities of vacuum pumps. FMG has future plans to expand this to 35,000sf of production space and 20,000sf of warehouse space. Our number one priority has always been quality and to get the customer back on line as quickly as possible, no matter what it takes.
products:   We repair and rebuild all major brands

We repair and rebuild all types of equipment
We sell all types of equipment: Turbomolecular Pumps, Cryogenic Pumps, Vane Pumps, Dry Pumps, Scroll Pumps, Piston Pumps, Industrial Pumps, Diffusion Pumps, Blowers, Compressors
We sell all major brands: Alcatel, Busch, CTI/Helix, BOC Edwards, Ebara, Leybold, Stokes, Dresser, Kinney, Sargent Welch, Balzers / Pfeiffer, Kashiyama, Seiko-Seiki, Ulvac, Hitachi, Tuthill/Kinney, Toyota

VEM vacuum engineering materials VEM -
- 390 Reed St. Santa Clara CA 95050, USA

email, Tel.

Vacuum Engineering & Materials is a leading manufacturer of high-purity thin film materials used in the semiconductor, wireless, photonics, LED, data storage, aerospace & defense and life sciences markets.
Headquartered in Silicon Valley with over 25 years of experience, VEM serves over 250 customers globally and has a track record for providing outstanding service and support.
products:   sputtering targets, evaporation materials, services and support

Sputtering Targets : VEM has sputtering targets available in a breadth of materials and dimensions. We stock frequently requested targets.
Evaporation Materials : VEM supplies evaporation materials in a full range of purities and dimensions. We stock frequently requested evaporation materials. See our Thin Film Evaporation Guide here.
Backing Plates : VEM supplies backing plates for most sputtering tools.
Crucible Liners : VEM supplies crucible liners for most evporation systems.
Custom Orders : VEM supplies PVD materials for unique requirements. Specify your material composition, purity, and dimensions and we will deliver to your requirements.

- 3350 Scott Boulevard #6101, Santa Clara, CA 95054, USA
Mailing Address : 1072 S. De Anza Boulevard, Suite A107-539, San Jose, CA 95129

email, Tel. +1 (408) 845-9400

Vacuum Pump Sales, Customer Support, Service.
products:   Dry Vacuum Pumps

Vacuabond -
- 3074 Kenneth St, Santa Clara, CA 95054, USA

email, Tel.

Vacuabond is specializes in designing custom UHV systems for R&D applications, Semiconductor, Media, FPD, Solar Panel and Coating industries.

CANON ANELVA Crystal Vacuum Gauges, He Leak Detectors (HLD), Residual Gas Analyzers (RGA), Cryo Pumps, Helium Cooling as the US Distributor
custom-designed UHV systems: High Pressure RHEED, Diode Laser Substrate Heating, Combinatorial Deposition and Laser MBE / PLD systems.

VALQUA Metal Welded Bellows Valqua America, Inc. -
- 4655 Old Ironsides Drive, Suite 380 Santa Clara, CA 95054, USA

email, Tel. 1-408-986-1425
products:   Metal Welded Bellows

Provac Sales Company -
- 2535 7th Ave. Suite 4, Santa Cruz, CA 95062, USA

email, Tel. +1 (831) 462-8900

Provac provides a full line of rebuilt vane, piston, turbo, cryo and blower pumps and systems.
Brands include Alcatel, Busch, CTI, Ebara, Edwards, Leybold, Pfeiffer, Seiko Seiki, Stokes and Welch.
Helium leak Detectors and Oil Filtration Systems are also offered.
All equipment comes with a full coverage warranty.

OSAKA VACUUM, LTD., California Office -
- 911 Bern Ct. #140, San Jose, CA 95112, USA

email, Tel. +1 (408) 441-7658

Osaka Vacuum has 3 factories equipped with some of the most state-of-the-art machinery in Japan, covering more than 10,000 sq. meters in floor space. Osaka Vacuum now employs over 300 people mainly in R&D and manufacturing of vacuum equipment.

Osaka Vacuum offers five different series of turbomolecular pumps to fit all your needs, from semiconductor applications to research:
TG Series - Hybrid Turbo Compound Molecular Pumps
TS Series - Helical Grooved Vacuum Pumps
TH, TF Series - Conventional Turbomolecular Pumps
TG-M, TH-M Series - 5 Axis Magnetic Suspended Turbomolecular Pumps
XHV Series - EXTREME High Vacuum 10-12 Torr Turbomolecular Pumps

US, Inc. Headquarters -
- 6280 San Ignacio Avenue, Suite E, San Jose, CA 95119, USA

email, Tel. (408) 363.6909

US Inc., was established in 1976 and located in the heart of Silicon Valley. This location provides cooperative design, test, and thin film application for product advancements, with well known universities and national laboratories.
Since the early 1980ís exclusive licenses from two prominent Silicon Valley laboratories have been granted to US Inc., permitting the manufacture and distribution of patented Planar Magnetron Sputter Sources. With over 6,000 sources delivered throughout the world, US Inc. has become known world wide as a leading supplier of sputter deposition sources.

The MAK source, US Inc.'s successor to the highly regarded US GUN, is produced at the company's San Jose, California U.S.A. facility. Introduction of the MAK was in late 1995 and it's rapid sales growth caused the discontinuation of the US GUN at the beginning of 1999. Designed to present the smallest profile possible, with higher rates than any comparable sputter sources available, MAK users have developed much of today's thin film techniques.

- 6535 Camden Ave., 95120 San Jose, USA

Joze OSMAK, email:, Tel. 408-607-4135

We Buy, sell, rebuild vacuum pumps, blowers & systems.
products:   Refurbished Vacuum Pumps

We have large stock of new and reconditioned vacuum product and supplies and in most cases items are shipped the same day as ordered. Our wide acces to used vacuum equipment and rebuilding services provides an additional excellent resource for low-cost solutions.
Turbomolecular Pumps, Helium Leak Detectors, Dry Pumps, Cryo Pumps, Diffusion Pumps

KSM Welded Metal Bellows KSM CORPORATION -
- 1959 Concourse Drive, San Jose, CA 95131-1708, USA

email, Tel.

KSM Corporation is an ISO 9001 Certified Manufacturer of Welded Metal Bellows and Build To Print Assembly Services
For over 10 years, KSM USA has been providing vacuum sealing solutions by supplying the Welded Metal Bellows and other Custom Products of KSM Corporation (South Korea) in the USA and Europe.
products:   Welded Metal Bellows

KSM uses Proprietary software and 3D Modeling to design the best bellows for your application This provides KSM the capability to produce bellows that achieve: highest life, lowest cost and compact space.

Custom manufacturing of metallic bellows is our major area of expertise and our specialty service. We utilize the world's largest clean room dedicated to the assembly of welded metal bellows. We provide the highest quality metal bellows for the most stringent applications.

ACI Alloys ACI Alloys, Inc. -
- 1985 Las Plumas Avenue, San Jose, CA 95133, USA

email, Tel. (408) 259-7337

Since 1985, ACI Alloys, Inc. has manufactured sputtering targets, evaporation sources, and specialty materials and shapes for thin-film or related applications. Our customers include many of the world's principal academic and industrial research groups.
products:   Sputtering targets, evaporation materials

and high-purity alloys for research and development

Lucas Technologies, Inc. (Vacuum Pumping Systems) -
- 631 Giguere Court, #A-5, San Jose, CA 95133, USA

email, Tel. +1 408 258-8885
products:   Semiconductor Equipments, Vacuum Pump Repair Services & Sales

We provide support & service for:
Vacuum Pumping Systems - PM for system, troubleshooting & repair
Vacuum Pump Repair - Blower, Cryo pump, Cryo compressor, Mechanical pump, Turbo-molecular pump and Scroll pump
Semiconductor Equipment Sales - New and used vacuum equipment and spare parts

Encole Encole LLC - www.
- 135 Rio Robles East, San Jose, CA 95134, USA

email, Tel.

Encole LLC is a manufacturer of sight glasses and an engineering development company.
products:   ConFlat, CF Sight Glass, KF Sight Glasses

Conflat sight windows for ultra-high vacuum. Housing is designed to ISO 3699 connections.

This KF sight glass is designed for vacuum hygienic applications. It is simple to install with no risk of breakage. This is a single-piece part ideal for use on food processing equipment (A3-Standard).
The housing is made from stainless steel or Hastelloy, with a material certificate traceable to the steel manufacturer. The sight glass is fused to the metal conforming to DIN 7079 where the glass is Borosilicate per DIN 7080.
These sights are sealed to the process vessel with an elastomer gasket. Use standard KF clamps to mount the sight windows to the process vessel. For hygienic applications use Tri Sanitary Clamps. KF sight glasses are manufactured to high tolerances with electropolished metal surfaces for improved cleanliness.

Genesis Vacuum Technologies cryopumps Genesis Vacuum Technologies -
- 115 Nicholson Lane, San Jose, CA 95134, USA

email, Tel. +1 408 240 0530
products:   cryopump products for ultra-high vacuum applications

The Genesis ICP series of cryopumps are designed to meet the needs of today's high technology manufacturing environment. They feature the largest process gas capacities available with a unique variable speed, three phase motor control to enhance the performance during standard operation and full or quick regenerations.

Genesis cryopumps are available in a variety of sizes ranging from four inch through twelve inch diameter with most sizes available in either an "upright" or "low profile" package. Each size and model of pump can be configured for High Vacuum, UHV, or Sputtering applications. They are available in a basic pump configuration or in a fully automated Quick Regeneration pump package.

Genesis also offers waterpump and coldhead solutions for a variety of applications ranging from semiconductor manufacturing to research. Genesis has the expertise and aptitude to provide unique engineering solutions for customers' cryopump and coldhead requirements.

MeiVac MeiVac Inc. & US Division of MeiVac -
- 5830 Hellyer Avenue, San Jose, CA 95138, USA

email, Tel. +1 408 362-1000

MeiVac brings more than 30 years of experience in the design, manufacture and support of vacuum deposition systems and components used in high technology, process intensive production applications. Today, MeiVac is best known for its 2460 & 2480 family of alumina deposition tools that are used extensively in the manufacture of Thin Film Heads used in Hard Disk Drives.
products:   Vacuum deposition systems and components

Vari-Q Throttle Valves: MeiVac manufactures a broad line of patented vacuum throttle valves

MAK Sputter sources

Substrate heaters: US a division of MeiVac, Inc. resistive substrate heaters are designed to withstand oxygen and other reactive gases at maximum temperature and high pressures.

Power Supplies: DC Power Supplies, RF Power Supplies

Conquest West vacuum fluid Conquest West Inc. -
- PO Box 1663, Valley Springs, CA 95252, USA

email, Tel. +1 925-516-7506

We carry a large in stock inventory, and ship orders same day in most cases.
products:   Silicone Diffusion Pump Fluid

- CQ Silicone Diffusion Pump
- Dow Corning 704 Silicone Diffusion Pump Oil
- Monsanto Fluid- Santovac 5, Polyphenyl Ether Diffusion Pump Fluid
- Apiezon Greases, Dow Corning High Vacuum Grease
- Fomblin Fluids, Perfluoro Polyether vacuum pump fluid

Grauling Research Grauling Research, Inc. -
- 3225 Regional Parkway, Santa Rosa, CA 95403, USA

email, Tel.

State of California DVBE (Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise) Certified Business #1800624
located in the Northern California area and providing service and support for thin-film coating, industrial manufacturing, semiconductor companies, and various scientific fields in its 10,000 sqft facility.
products:   Vacuum-Pump Rebuilding and Remanufacture

Equipment services and support: Mechanical, electrical, and software equipment maintenance, upgrades, service, support, and repair
Research & Development in various fields of physics and engineering, Consulting, Training
Automated benchtop system development
Materials Support: Supplier of thin-film coating materials and consumables for sputtering and evaporation

Electron Beam Welding Machines WME, Inc. -
- 6287 Viewridge Drive Auburn, CA 95602, USA

email, Tel.

a subsidiary of Precision Welding Technologies, Inc.
products:   Electron Beam Machines

WME, Inc. bought, sold, brokered, refurbished and serviced many systems, such as Electron Beam Welders Electron Beam Welder Spare Parts, CNC TIG Welding Equipment, Vacuum Pumps and Vacuum Equipment, Metallographic, Metallurgical and Inspection Equipment and Microscopes.

WME provided refurbished Electron Beam Machines modified to customer requirements and Turn-Key systems modified for specific welding needs.

GNB Corporation -
- 3200 Dwight Rd. Ste. 100, Elk Grove, CA 95758, USA

Ken Harrison, P.E., President, email, Tel. +1 (916) 395-3003

GNB has a proven track record of manufacturing high quality, reliable vacuum products since 1968.

Although we are known primarily as America's leading manufacturer of large vacuum valves,
we offer a diverse range of vacuum products and services, including:
Gate valves, Liquid nitrogen traps, Pendulum valves, Custom flanges and fittings, Angle valves, View ports, Vacuum chambers, Bellows, Multi-coolant baffles, Throttle plates, Repair and rebuild of valves from any manufacturer.

Vacuum Process Engineering, Inc. -
- 110 Commerce Circle, Sacramento, CA. 95815, USA

email, Tel.

Since its inception in 1978, Vacuum Process Engineering, Inc. has been committed to providing quality-oriented services and products that meet the critical needs of a diverse high technology customer base.
In the production job shop, we fabricate high quality components for demanding customers. Precision assembly of critical components is routine. Services are geared to the manufacture of components or systems that require welding, precision brazing and/or heat treating, leak detection, and assembly.
The development laboratory handles specialized customer requirements such as prototype development, applied materials science expertise, failure analysis, thin film coatings, and outgassing analysis. VPE provides consulting and contract research in the areas of fabrication technology and materials science.

EBARA Technologies, Inc. -
- 51 Main Avenue, Sacramento, CA 95838, USA

email, Tel. (800) 535-5376

EBARA Technologies Incorporated's Component Division is a supplier of advanced vacuum and abatement technologies focused on semiconductor, photovoltaic and R&D. EBARA Technologies provides leading edge exhaust management solutions consisting of dry vacuum pumps, turbomolecular pumps, point-of-use abatement, exhaust line heaters, vacuum hardware and related services.

EBARA Technologies Incorporated's Systems Division supplies advanced technologies to front-end and back-end semiconductor manufacturing. EBARA is a leading supplier of 200 mm and 300mm Chemical Mechanical Polishing systems (CMP), advanced Wafer Plating Systems, Bevel and Backside Clean Treatment Systems.
products:   vacuum pumps and advanced technology products

  All-in-one Systems   Chemical Mechanical Polishing   Degas/Regas/Ozone

  Dry Pumps   Foreline Traps   Gauges   Monitoring Systems   Point-of-Use Abatement

  Special Pumps   Thermal Solutions   Turbomolecular Pumps

  Vacuum Hardware   Vacuum Valves   Wafer Plating Systems

BUSCH, Inc. -
- 2485 Notre Dame Boulevard, Suite 370B, Chico, CA 95928, USA

email, Tel. 1-800-USA-PUMP
Larry Sill, Regional Manager (N.CA,ID,MT,N.NV,OR,WA,WY,HI,AK), Tel. +1 530-893-3800

Since the foundation of BUSCH in 1963 in Germany, the company policy has always been customer oriented, supplying high quality and competitively priced products, as well as excellent technical support and service backup. BUSCH now has five manufacturing plants and a total of 33 BUSCH companies serving customers throughout the world. The BUSCH manufacturing facilities are certified to ISO 9001
products:   Vacuum Technology, Vacuum Pumps & Systems

- Oil Recirculating rotary vane vacuum pumps (R5 series up to 1600 m³/h),
- screw vacuum pumps (COBRA up to 2700 m³/h),
- rotary piston vacuum pumps and compressors (Mink up to 500m³/h),
- Once-Through-Sealing rotary vane vacuum pumps(Huckepack bis 760 m3/h),
- dry vacuum pumps (Seco bis 250 m³/h),
- side channel blowers (Gazelle, Samos up to 1100 m³/h),
- liquid ring vacuum pump (Dolphin up to 435 ³/h),
- Scroll vacuum pumps (Fossa up to 30 m³/h),
- Roots blowers (Puma / Panda up to 8000m³/h, - Dingo/Cat/Panther up to 3120 m3/h),
- Turbomolecular vacuum pumps,
- Service and Repair
- accessories

Yuba City Steel Products Company Yuba City Steel Products Company -
- 345 Epley Drive, Yuba City, CA 95991, USA

email, Toll Free Number: 1-800-447-0230
products:   pressure / vacuum vessels

ASME Certified U - Manufacturer of welded metal pressure vessels.

National Board Certified "R" - Metal repairs and/or alterations of pressure vessels.

DOT 406/407/412 - Engineering staff on site to design and support all of your ASME code vessel requirements.

We are the source for fabrication or repair of pressure vessels, tanks, vacuum chambers, manifolds, and piping components.

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