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Pfeiffer Vacuum USA Pfeiffer Vacuum Inc. -

Toll Free Number: (800) 248-8254

- 1622 Garland Avenue, CA 92780 Tustin, USA
Reginald Ullrich, Sales Engineer, email, Tel. +1 714 838 3604
products:   vacuum pumps and systems, measurement and analysis equipment, vacuum components

  Rotary vane vacuum pumps   diaphragm pumps   piston vacuum pumps   dry screw pumps

  High vacuum side channel pumps   roots blowers   turbomolecular pumps

  Vacuum measurement   Analysis, Residual Gas Analyser

  Leak detectors   leak detection systems

  Vacuum chambers   vacuum flanges and fittings   hoses, flexible connectors

  Viewports   vacuum valves   feedthoughs   manipulators

VECOR coating VECOR -
- 101 Duranzo Aisle, Irvine CA 92606, USA

Vladimir Chutko, email:, Tel. +1 949-394-4466
products:   coating and vacuum equipment and components

coating machines, DC magnetron sputtering systems, ion sources, power supplies, controllers, etc.
vacuum engineering software, optical components, and also provides high quality consulting, engineering and equipment upgrade service.

Graham Corporation (California sales office) -
- 1682 Langley Avenue, Irvine, CA 92614, USA

Daniel Marlin, email, Tel. +1 (949) 250 4449
products:   Vacuum Ejectors, single or multiple stage Ejector systems provided as components only or complete packages

Process Condensers, Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps, Dry Vacuum Pumps.

MS Bellows MS Bellows -
- 5322 McFadden Ave, Huntington Beach, CA 92649, USA

email, Tel.

Since 1964, MS Bellows has designed and produced a wide variety of sensitive and accurate pressure responsive elements. Available in edge-welded or nickel deposited, bellows specialties include miniaturization and critical tolerance. MS Bellows combines computer aided engineering, state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques, and over 25 years of bellows experience to provide viable design solutions for your specific bellows application.
products:   Edge Welded Bellows for Vacuum Feedthroughs

Advanced engineering and design capabilities allow MS Bellows to manufacture edge welded bellows for a variety of critical reliability applications.
Using the latest manufacturing techniques and stringent process control, zero defect quality is maintained at a competitive price.
Our experienced engineering staff is always available to provide design assistance and recommendations.

Para Tech Coating, Inc. -
- 35 Argonaut, Aliso Viejo, CA 92656, USA

email, Tel. (800) 999-4942

Para Tech Coating has been offering Parylene conformal coating products and services to a wide range of customers since 1968.
products:   coating systems

PTC Parylene coating systems are microprocessor-controlled with user-selectable programs to meet various film thickness and substrate loading requirements. A PC interface makes it possible to prepare, store and load custom deposition parameters to meet virtually every coating requirement.

Stanford Materials Corporation -
- 4 Meadowpoint, Aliso Viejo, CA 92656, USA

email, Tel. +1 (949) 362-1746

Stanford Materials Corporation is a worldwide supplier of various oxides, metals, alloys, advanced ceramic materials, and minerals. It was established in 1994 to supply high quality rare earth products to our customers in the research and development fields. To meet increasing demands for rare earth products and other materials, Stanford Materials now carries a variety of materials to serve not only our customers in research and development but also manufacturers in the ceramic, metallurgy and electronic industries.
products:   Evaporation Materials, Sputtering Targets

NPB Technology Group, Inc. -
- 1048 Irvine Ave #386, Newport Beach, CA 92660, USA

email, Tel. +1 (949) 945-3316

NPB Technology Group is a Professional Manufacturers' Representative Corporation that serves the Southwestern United States. The company's focus is to provide best-in-class products in a consultative and collaborative environment for successful client project management.
NPB was founded in 2013. The staff is equipped with over 30 years of industrial instrumentation sales experience having served some of the world's most trusted equipment manufacturers
products:   Vacuum & Throttle Valves,   Circular Magnetrons,   Production Leak Detectors,

  Vacuum Gauges,   Vacuum Pumps,   Thin Film Coaters,

  Mass Flow Controllers MFC's,   Vacuum Chambers

We now represent some of the highest quality process equipment brands on the market.
Our principals include: VAT (vacuum valves), Olympus, MKS Instruments, Brooks Instrument, Ebara Technologies, Alicat Scientific, Thyracont, LACO Technologies, Gencoa, and Intellivation.

Nevada Vacuum -
- 1235 Puerta Del Sol, Suite 300, San Clemente, CA 92673, USA

email, Toll Free: 800-577-3477
Pumps:   Alcatel Pumps, CTI Cryogenic Pumps, Edwards Pumps, Kinney/Tuthill Pumps, Stokes Pumps, Welch Pumps
Bell Jars: Acrylic Bell Jars, Glass Bell Jars
Vacuum Deposition Systems
Thermocouple Vacuum Gauges

American Seal and Packing American Seal & Packing -
- 1537 E. McFadden Ave. #A, Santa Ana, CA 92705-4317, USA

email, Tel. +1 714-593-9780
products:   Pump packings

Water Service Packings, Flax, Non-asbestos pump packing, Ameri-lon, GFO - GFO
Abrasive resistant pump packings, Chemical resistant pump packings, High temperature pump packings - Graphite, Carbon, & Flexible Graphite.

- 12402 Circula Panorama, Santa Ana, CA 92705, USA

Fernan Lozano, email, Tel.

We have been in the Technical Ceramic Materials business for over 10 yrs years with plenty of experience.
products:   Sputtering Targets

Sputtering Target Materials in many standard shapes and sizes including rings, S-Guns and circular, rectangular and triangular planar targets.

Yardley Pump and Vacuum, Inc. -
- 1701 East Edinger Avenue, Suite E-12, Santa Ana, California 92705, USA

Bruce Blanchart, President, Applications Engineering-Vacuum Products, email, Tel.

application-driven, rotating equipment distributor able to meet all of your vacuum and air handling needs. In addition, we offer a complete line of products for your liquid handling applications.
products:   Medical Vacuum Systems

Hill-Rom, Medeas, Ohmeda Medical Gas Equipment, Puritan Bennett Pipeline Equipment, Nash Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps and Compressors. Rotary Vane Oil-Less Vacuum Pumps and Oil-Less Compressors, with Vacuum and Blast Air from One Pump, with up to Six Pumps in One Package .

A-Vac Industries -
- 1845 S. Lewis St., Anaheim, CA 92805, USA

email, Tel. 800 747-2821

high-vacuum specialist stocking distributor for Alcatel and Welch.
products:   All major brands of new and rebuilt pumps

leak detectors, valves, gauges.

Terra Universal, Inc. -
- 800 S. Raymond Avenue, Fullerton, CA 92831, USA

email, Tel. +1 714-578-6000
products:   Vacuum Chambers

Ideal for degassing parts, vacuum encapsulation and general-purpose vacuum experiments
Over a dozen standard sizes and three materials: acrylic, stainless steel and aluminum
Sturdy, pre-tested turnkey systems safely support vacuum level to 29.9" Hg
Complete line of vacuum pumps and controllers

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