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JVC 15 - 15th Joint Vacuum Conference June 15 - 20, 2014 JVC 15 - 15th Joint Vacuum Conference Vienna, Austria

EVC13 - 13th European Vacuum Conference 8-12 September 2014 EVC13 - 13th European Vacuum Conference Aveiro, Portugal

AVS 2014 International symposium Nov. 9 - 14, 2014 AVS 2014 International symposium Baltimore, Maryland USA

JVC 15 - 15th Joint Vacuum Conference JVC 15 - 15th Joint Vacuum Conference

June 15 - 20, 2014 - Arcotel Kaiserwasser, Vienna, Austria

The scientific programme consists of five plenary and twelve invited lectures and two sessions of poster contributions. A number of hot topics contributed papers will be selected for oral presentation. Special care is taken to attract young researchers by the choice of a reasonably priced conference venue.

The conference will cover all vacuum-related fields, corresponding to the established or emerging scientific divisions of the International Union of Vacuum Science Technology and Application, IUVSTA:
- Applied Surface Science
- Biointerfaces
- Electronic Materials and Processing
- Nanometer Structures
- Plasma Science and Technique
- Surface Engineering
- Surface Science
- Thin Films
- Vacuum Science and Technique

For more information:
JVC15 - Conference Office -
Manuela Marik, email:

EVC13 - 13th European Vacuum Conference EVC13 - 13th European Vacuum Conference

Sept. 8 - 12, 2014 - Aveiro, Portugal

The 13th European Vacuum Conference and 7th European Topical Conference on Hard Coatings will be held in the beautiful city of Aveiro, Portugal.

The scientific programme is being carefully prepared to address hot topics in the fields of vacuum science and their applications. Special emphasis will be given to oxide surfaces with the Special Symposium on Ultra thin oxide films and oxide coatings applications.

Conference Topics:

Vacuum Science and Technology Vacuum Production: Vacuum measuring (total, partial and leaks), Gas flow, Large vacuum systems: accelerators, synchrotron

Surface Science and Applied Surface Science: Surface characterization and structure, Nanometer scale, Biosurfaces, Thin films, Electronics materials MEMS and NEMS, New frontiers in energy production

Hard Coatings and Advanced Surface Engineering: Hard coatings for tools and high temperature, Friction and coatings to reduce friction, Hard coatings production, including ion implantation, Friction under controlled environments, including vacuum modern techniques for hard coatings characterization, Vapor deposition technology, Coatings for biomedical applications

Special Symposium on Ultra thin oxide films and oxide coatings applications

For more information:
email:, Tel. +351-234 247 261

AVS 2014 International symposium AVS 2014 International symposium

Nov. 9 - 14, 2014 - Baltimore convention center, USA

The AVS International Symposium and Exhibition addresses cutting-edge issues associated with materials, processing, and interfaces in both the research and manufacturing communities. The weeklong Symposium fosters a multidisciplinary environment that cuts across traditional boundaries between disciplines, featuring papers from AVS technical divisions, technology groups, and focus topics on emerging technologies. The equipment exhibition is one of the largest in the world and provides an excellent opportunity to view the latest products and services offered by over 200 participating companies. More than 2,000 scientists and engineers gather from around the world to attend.

Short courses are offered in conjunction with the International Symposium providing specialized training in specific areas of vacuum science and related technologies. The Symposium also provides a Career Center available to all attendees. The Career Center covers such topics as résumé preparation, job search skills, networking, interviewing skills, and more. The Career Center provides the opportunity for job seekers to submit their résumés and meet with potential employers. Other symposia features include Tutorials, Professional Leadership opportunities and several related workshops.

For more information: AVS National Office - - New York, NY 10038
email:, Tel. +1 212-248-0200


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