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GGR Unic glass lifting GGR Unic -
- Broadway Business Pk, Broadway,
Chadderton, Oldham, OL9 0JA, United Kingdom

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GGR-UNIC is the leading provider of vacuum lifting equipment to the UK and Irish construction industries. Our crane hire division was established in 2001 and now operates a fleet of more than 50 mini crawler cranes with capacities ranging from 1t to 6t.
products:   vacuum lifters, cups, glazing robots and accessories

From hardhats to hoists, we have strived to provide a product to meet all your handling requirements.
Our UNIC mini crawler cranes are a technological breakthrough. Incredibly compact, yet with the capacity and reach of much larger machines, they are the simple, quick solution for all lifting work where access is restricted or working space is confined. They are in use on construction sites across Europe as well as in factories, on railways lines, in listed buildings, in petrochemical plants and power stations.
Alongside our products, we offer expert technical advice, a full repair and support service, a dedicated, bespoke design department and accredited training at our northern and southern depots in Manchester and Thame.

MDP HANDLING vacuum lifting and pneumatic lifting equipment MDP HANDLING LTD -
- Unit 17 Vanguard Trading Estate, Brittania Road, S40 2TZ Chesterfield, United Kingdom

Phil HOWARD, email, Tel.

MDP Handling Ltd specialise in the design, manufacture and after sales support of vacuum lifting and pneumatic lifting equipment.
products:   vacuum lifting and pneumatic lifting equipment

vacuum pumps, vacuum lifters, air balancers, industrial manipulators and pneumatic lifters.

PALAMATIC Vacuum Lifting and Handling Systems Palamatic Handling Systems -
- Cobnar Wood Close, Chesterfield Trading Estate,
Chesterfield, Derbyshire S41 9RQ, United Kingdom

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Palamatic combines the Pal-U-Lift™, own manufacture vacuum tube lifting system and partnership product - pure vacuum lifting devices - to offer clients a solution to almost any handling task up to 2T. Loads can be effortlessly picked and transported around the working environment using vacuum as the source of lift and grip or simply as the gripping force. All systems operate with simple controls and in-built safety features that make vacuum a unique handling force.
products:   Vacuum Lifting and Handling Systems

Vacuum Tube Lifter - Grip and lift in one!
Vacuum tube lifters make light work of everyday manual handling tasks using lifting systems based on vacuum technology. A Palamatic Vacuum Tube Lifter (Pal-U-Lift™) uses a single power medium vacuum, to grip and lift heavy or awkward loads.
High Vacuum Lifting Devices:
High vacuum generating systems offer clients extra capacity handling options over the vacuum tube lifting range. Whether you want to transport loads horizontally, swivel by 90° or turn over by 180°, we have solutions available up to a 20T capacity.
Clad-Vac: This purpose designed tool can be implemented on to construction sites using any form of crane, hoist or mobile loading device.