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- 5-1 Kurigi 2-chome, Asao-ku, Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa 215-8550, Japan

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Vacuum thin-film deposition and processing equipment Semiconductor device manufacturing equipment
Maintenance service, Vacuum Components
products:   Valves

Ultra-High Vacuum Type-L All-metal Valve, Type-L Polyimide Valve
"V Series" Roughing pump valve V-025RV
"V Series" Type-L Valves V-040LV/V-065LV/V-100LV
Ultra-High Vacuum Variable Leak Valve
Inlet valve, Leak valve, Isolate Valve V-025SV
Ultra-High Vacuum Gate Valve MSB Series / STD Series

IRIE KOKEN 真空バルブ IRIE KOKEN CO., LTD - www.ikc.co.jp
- Kokusai Building 813, 3-1-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0005, Japan

email, Tel. +81-3-3211-7111

IRIE KOKEN is a comprehensive manufacturer of vacuum metal bellows, vacuum valves(gate valves, valves L), vacuum equipment and components.
Establishment Date: May 24, 1966 - Number of Employees: 200 persons
products:   真空バルブ


Kitz KITZ SCT Corporation - www.kitz-sct.jp
- 1-5-1 Omori-Kita, Ota-ku, Tokyo 1430016, Japan

email, Tel. +81-3-6404-2171
products:   Vacuum valves

Ultra high purity gas valves
Ultra high purity gas fittings

V-TEX V-TEX Corporation - www.vtex.co.jp
- 6-28-11 Minami-Ohi, Shinagawa, Tokyo, 140-0013, Japan

email, Tel. +81-3-3765-4161

Incorporated: May, 1949 - Employees: 172
products:   HV and UHV Gate Valves

Used for many types of apparatus such as etching system and deposition system using vacuum environment

Transfer Valves: Used between Chambers or between Atmosphere and Chambers, as Work (e.g. wafer and glass board) goes through opening (port) of the valves.

Gate Valves and Pendulum Valves: Used between Chamber and Vacuum Pump. Control Valves are also available.

UHV valves and other special Valves: Used for Particle Beam Accelerator, Synchrotron, UHV Chambers and etc.

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