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vacuum pump with magnetic coupling Sterling SIHI GmbH -
- Lindenstrasse 170, 25524 Itzehoe, Germany

email:, Tel. +49 (4821) 771-01
products:   Liquid ring vacuum pumps with magnetic drive

LEH 350-450 with magnetic coupling: 100 to 400 m³/h, 33 to 1013 mbar
LEH 600-800-900 with magnetic coupling: 195 to 765 m³/h, 33 to 1013 mbar
LEH 1200-1500-1800 with magnetic coupling: 400 to 1560 m³/h, 33 to 1013 mbar

AERZENER Roots vacuum pumps with canned motors AERZENER Maschinenfabrik GmbH -
- Reherweg 28, 31855 Aerzen, Germany

Stephan Brand, email:, Tel. +49 (5154) 81-0

Year of foundation: 1864, Employees: 830 at parent company, 300 in subsidiary companies (19 Subsidiary companies),
Blower production: approx. 8.500 per year
products:   Vacuum roots pumps with canned motors

Volumic flow range: approx. 1000 up to 15570 m³/h

Based on the successful canned motor blowers (CM) for aggressive gases in solar-, flat panel- and semiconductor industry Aerzener Maschinenfabrik extended the range of products by the series HM for the application of neutral gases. The new drives are designed water-cooled and hermetically sealed. Due to the reduction of the eddy current losses the energetic efficiency of the motors has been improved considerably and thus offers the best possible load of the vacuum blowers on the market.

ATEX Roots vacuum blowers are also available.

magnetic coupling roots Pfeiffer Vacuum GmbH -
- Berliner Str. 43, 35614 Aßlar, Germany

email:, Tel. +49 (0)6441 802-0

Pfeiffer Vacuum is a vacuum technology world leader for more than 120 years: an important milestone was the invention of the turbopump in our company more than 50 years ago.
Our comprehensive range of solutions, products and services includes vacuum pumps, measurement and analysis equipment, up to complex vacuum systems.
products:   magnetically coupled roots pumps

magnetically coupled Roots pumps series covering 250 m3/h up to 6000 m3/h - Only static seals to atmosphere, no radial shaft seals

Hermetic Lederle canned motor pump HERMETIC-Pumpen GmbH -
- Gewerbe Str. 51, 79194 Gundelfingen, Germany

email, Tel.
products:   hermetic vacuum pumps

vacuum units
liquid ring pumps with canned motors
liquid ring vacuum pumps driven by permanent magnetic coupling

Vakuumanlagen, Flüssigkeitsring-Spaltrohrmotorpumpen, Vakuumpumpen mit Magnetkupplung.

Pompes à vide à moteur noyé, à accouplement magnétique