Le vide pour l'industrie du semi-conducteur

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VIDE pour l'industrie du semiconducteur       

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EURIS Sarl -
- Grenoble Air Parc - 16 Rue Charles Lindbergh - 38590 St Etienne de St Geoirs, France

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Euris is a European Equipment and Materials Distribution Company servicing the Semiconductor Manufacturing Industry.
EURIS provides Full coverage of Europe with one infrastructure with offices in France, United Kingdom and Germany.
products:   process and service capability to the European microelectronics industry

Our Application engineers support our customers to obtain the best cost of ownership model on their equipment.
We support our OEM customers with service team and comprehensive spare parts inventory, which can be accessed immediately.

ALD Process, Automation and service, Back end, Clean rooms and consumables, cleaning, Drying process, Metroogy and control, Photo mask processing, Polshing / CMP, Wafer processing

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