Vacuum for the pulp and paper industry

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CUTES by VAKUO VAKUO GmbH vacuum pumps and systems -
- Max-Planck-Str. 9, 61381 Friedrichsdorf, Germany

email:, Tel. +49 (6172) 137 132

CUTES Europe design and manufacture vacuum pumps and complete vacuum systems for the pulp and paper industry.
products:   vacuum systems for the paper industry

Liquid ring vacuum pumps up to 400 m3/mn (up to -90 KPa)
replacement pumps and spare parts

Roots vacuum blowers up to 350 m3/mn (up to -50 KPa)
replacement blowers and spare parts

Centrifugal fans up to 500 m3/mn (up to -20 KPa)
replacement fans and spare parts

complete vacuum systems including pre-separators, extraction pumps, cooling towers,..

Koerting KÖRTING Hannover AG -
- Badenstedter Str.56, 30453 Hannover, Germany

email:, Tel. +49 (511) 2129-0
Products:   vacuum ejectors and condensers,

Jet Pumps, Vacuum Technology, Refrigeration Plants, Evaporation Plants, Steam Jet Heaters.
The manufacture of paper requires an extremely careful and sensitive process control. With Körting steam jet thermocompressors a uniform distribution of temperature and a continuous recycling of vapours in drying cylinder is achieved - a major factor for high product quality.

LVI Steam Ejectors Le Vide Industriel SA (LVI) -
- Parc d'Activités des Béthunes, 26 Avenue de l'Ile de France,
  Saint-Ouen-l'Aumône, 95078 Cergy-Pontoise, France

email:, Tel. +33 (0)1 34 40 33 90
products:   thermocompressors - with standard or adjustable nozzle

NASH paper industry Gardner Denver Ltd, Sales Nash UK -
Road One, Winsford Industrial Estate
Winsford, Cheshire CW7 3PL, United Kingdom

Marc H Roughsedge, email:, Tel. +44 1606 542410

Nash has a 20,000 sq feeet factory and service centre. We can supply new and used vacuum pumps from stock.
products:   Liquid ring vacuum pumps and compressors

Service and maintenance:

The company has a strong focus on service and repair, industry based applications and engineering expertise. An extension of the service and repair business over the last 20 years has been the Service Exchange programme, originally developed for the mining and paper industries.

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