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250 pcs - oil lubricated vacuum pumps 40 /60 /100 m3/h - 200mbarA
, Dec. 2007
Enquiry from BIOGEST AG, Taunusstein, Germany

looking for high vacuum pump for rent in California
, Dec. 2007
Enquiry from Linde, Los Angeles, California, USA

ATEX ölgeschmierte Vakuumpumpe, 100 m³/h - 200mbarA
, Dec. 2007
Enquiry from BIOGEST AG, Taunusstein, Germany

Replacement parts for Siemens Liquid Ring Pump
, Dec. 2007
Enquiry from Mechabiz Co. Ltd., Thailand

turbomolecular pump
, Nov. 2007
Enquiry from BARC,Mumbai, India

ELMO 2BH1 630-7AC11 pompã de vid
, Nov. 2007
Enquiry from DACIA RENAULT, Romania

Rotary pump 100 ltr./min - ultimate vacuum 2 x 10-3 mbar
, Nov. 2007
Enquiry from Armin Hassan, Egypt

Repair or replacement for a pump POMPETRAVAINI TRMB 32-75/GH
, Oct. 2007
Enquiry from Pumpen-Service DATHE GmbH, Germany

non metalic vacuum equipment, 3 x 400 m³/h at 80 mbarA
, Oct. 2007
Enquiry from SOLVAY, Belgium

water vapour removal, 4000 kg/h at 165 mbarA
, Oct. 2007
Enquiry from Air Technic Solutions, Holland

Replacement vanes for a truck mounted rotary vane pump
, Oct. 2007
Enquiry from JAMES HARDIE, Newzealand

Ebonite rubber coated vacuum pump for HF gas
, Sep. 2007
Enquiry from ICF, Gabes, Tunisie

SIHI Vacuum Treatment Plant for Transformer oil
, Sep. 2007
Enquiry from ATMR Total Maintenance, Australia

3 m³/mn vacuum degaser
, Sep. 2007
Enquiry from GOLD SEASONS INC., Thailand

vacuum pump for pumping milk between tanks
, Sep. 2007
Enquiry from HAROON BROTHERS, Pakistan

Sewage vacuum valve
, Sep. 2007
Enquiry from VAC SYSTEMS AG, Switzerland

Siemens ELMO-G-BH1 vacuum pump
, Sep. 2007
Enquiry from V-Guard Industries Ltd, India

HVAC / Air conditioning vacuum pumps
, Sep. 2007
Enquiry from NISHAN TRADERS, Bangladesh

Wasserringpumpe mit Antriebsmotor
, Aug. 2007
Enquiry from Hitachi Automotive Systems Europe GmbH, Germany

Bourdon gauges with clamp-flanges
, Aug. 2007
Enquiry from Hidonsa, Miami USA

BREY vacuum pump
, Aug. 2007
Enquiry from T.P.TRANSMISSION, Malaysia

ELMO G vacuum pump replacement
, Aug. 2007
Enquiry from Rubin, Krusevac - Serbia

150m Kabel für Ionengetterpumpen
, Aug. 2007
Enquiry from Imtech Deutschland, Germany

16 m³/h vacuum pumps for composite manufacturing
, Jul. 2007
Enquiry from DUNOYER, Papeete, Tahiti

CE certificate for G_200 gas ring blower
, Jul. 2007
Enquiry from UNIFRAX LTD, UK

ELMO-G side channel blower replacement for 2BH1810-7HC36
, Jul. 2007
Enquiry from HTS Elektrotechnik GmbH, Germany

vacuum pumps for air conditioners and HVAC
, Jul. 2007

vacuum systems for desalination plant
, Jun. 2007

Viewport - vacuum tight flanged windows
, Jun. 2007
Enquiry from LISA Univeristé, Paris

150-600l Vakuumkessel
, May. 2007
Enquiry from VAC SYSTEM AG, Bern

Filter for Rietschle vacuum pump
, May. 2007
Enquiry from BAXTER, Malta

10 m³/h liquid ring vacuum pump
, May. 2007
Enquiry from BUSSER Technologie GmbH, Germany

Chlorobenzene vacuum systems
, May. 2007
Enquiry from TURAS Engineering and Trading, Turkey

Vacuum pumps for vacuum metalizing
, May. 2007
Enquiry from AMBITION CARGO SE, Lahore, Pakistan

vacuum pump for testing, 0.35 m3/h - 500-800 mmWC
, Apr. 2007
Enquiry from Alba Sales Corp., India

ELMO 2BE1 152 0BY4-Z vacuum pump
, Mar. 2007
Enquiry from LEPSE JSC, Russia

Siemens Elmo Compressor for Helium
, Mar. 2007
Enquiry from BIWATER S.A., Argentina

Vapour recompression under vacuum
, Feb. 2007
Enquiry from AIRTECHNIC SOLUTIONS BV, The Nederland

NASH SC-6 liquid ring vacuum pump
, Feb. 2007
Enquiry from Ballarpur Industries Ltd., India

Vakuumpumpe für Service Wagen
, Feb. 2007
Enquiry from Mayer Maschinenbaugesellschaft mbH, Tittmoning, Germany

Sampling pump, for Flue Gas
, Jan. 2007
Enquiry from Abyssina Builders (M) Sdn. Bhd., Malaysia

Aluminium Vacuum Chamber
, Jan. 2007
Enquiry from VisiTec Microtechnik GmbH, Germany

Vacuum pump oil
, Jan. 2007
Enquiry from Nazir & Sons International, Pakistan

Ejector for hydrogen recovery
, Jan. 2007
Enquiry from MEHYA CO., UAE

250 pcs - oil lubricated vacuum pumps 40 /60 /100 m3/h - 200mbarA
, BIOGEST AG, Taunusstein

Dec. 2007

Dear Sir or Madam,

we - Biogest AG - are the Global market leader in Flushing Systems.
Every year our purchasing department is looking for new opportunities.
For 2008 we have the following produkt on our list:

vacuum pumps

Please find below the technical data:
- handling explosive gases (Zone 1)
- suction capacity 40 /60 /100 m3 per hour
- suction pressure: up to 200 mbarA
- discharge pressure up to max. 0.8 bar
- oil lubricated (not dry)

Average quantity: 250 vacuum pumps.

Please check if you have this or if you will have this product in your range.
We would appreciate your feedback not later than 06.01.08

If you need any further informations so do not hesitate to contact us.

Best regards


i.A. Sandra Janßen-Schüttler

BIOGEST AG - Siemensstrasse 1, 65232 Taunusstein, Germany
Sandra JANßEN-SCHÜTTLER, email: sas@biogest.com, Tel. 06128-975830, Fax 06128-975833

looking for high vacuum pump for rent in California
, Linde, Los Angeles, California, USA

Dec. 2007

I am looking to rent a vacuum pump system that will achieve 1.10-8 mbars of vacuum.
Location is in Los Angeles, California, USA around the middle of January 2008. I will need to rent 3 times during 2008.
A supplier in California would be best. For each event, I will need to rent at least 2-3 weeks.
Thank you.

LINDE - 2100 western court, 60473 Lisle, Illinois, USA
Robert ROCHON, , email: robert.rochon@boc.com, Tel. 630-515-2556, Fax 630-971-0219

ATEX Vakuumpumpe, 100 m³/h bei 200mbarA
, BIOGEST AG, Taunusstein

Dec. 2007

Wir sind auf der Suche nach einer Vakuumpumpe:
- geeignet zum Fördern der explosiven Medien Zone 1 (Gas)
- Förderleistung 40/60/100 Kubikmeter pro Stunde
- möglicher Unterdruck 200 millibar absolut
- Nutzung des Überdruckes bis max. 0,8 bar während der Evakuiereung
- ölgeschmiert, kein Trockenläufer (Korrosion), keine Wasserringpumpe (Frost)

Sollten Sie eine solche Pumpe in Ihrem Sortiment haben, bitten wir um einen Preis, mögliche Lieferzeit sowie ein Datenblatt.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Sandra Janßen-Schüttler

BIOGEST AG - Siemensstrasse 1, 65232 Taunusstein, Germany
Sandra JANßEN-SCHÜTTLER, Tel. 06128-975830, Fax 06128-975833

Replacement parts for Siemens Liquid Ring Pump
, Mechabiz Company Limited, Thailand

Dec. 2007

Dear Sir,

We are looking for buying a part of

(Qty. 1 set) Rotor (Impeller+Shaft) mat. ST50-2/1.4581
for "siemens" type 2BE1203-OHY

If you can supply, please quote me the price.

Thank you in advance for your reply and hope to get it as soon as possible.

Best regards,

Sombat Kludcharoen
Mp +66 818432892

Mechabiz Company Limited - 12/127 Moo 2 Ratburana, Ratburana, Bangkok 10140, Thailand
email: mechabiz@truemail.co.th, Tel. +66 2 8745799, Fax.+66 2 8745800

turbomolecular pump
, BARC,Mumbai, India

Nov. 2007

Dear Sir,
we would like to purchase a turbomolecular pump.
Pls send me a budgatory quotation with all the available models and their specifications.
Thanking you,

BARC - MPD, BARC,Mumbai, 400085 Mumbai, India
Murthy TAMMANA, email: murthi@barc.gov.in, Tel. 91-22-25590489

ELMO 2BH1 630-7AC11 pompã de vacuum

Nov. 2007

I work for renault group in romania and i am interesting about your products:
2BH1 630-7AC11 Serie nr.:BN 10010142 002 /0107 ELMO pompã de vacuum
and i need a catalog file with tehnical data(french)
Thank you and i wait for your answer.

DACIA RENAULT - uzinei1-3, 114500 Mioveni, Romania
Nistor STEFAN, email: talyoninvest@yahoo.com, Tel. 400248503154

Rotary pump 100 ltr./min - ultimate vacuum 2 x 10-3 mbar
, Armin Hassan, Egypt

Nov. 2007

rotary pump of 100 lt/min. speed, ultimate vacuum 2 x 10-3 mbar,
220 V, 50 Hz.

ATC - 13759 , Egypt
Amin HASSAN, email: a.hassan@operamail.com, Tel. 002 02 33508247

Reparatur bzw. Ersatzlieferung für eine Vakuumpumpe POMPETRAVAINI TRMB 32-75/GH, 4 KW
, Pumpen-Service DATHE GmbH, Kleinzadel, Germany

Oct. 2007

Wir haben den Auftrag o.g. Pumpe mit der Ser.-Nr. S5370 zu reparieren und
suchen dazu einen Lieferanten für Ersatzteile oder eine neue Pumpe.
Vielen Dank im Voraus!
Bertram Dathe

PUMPEN-SERVICE DATHE GMBH - Elbstr. 20, 01665 Kleinzadel, Germany
Bertram DATHE, email: dathe@meissen.net, Tel. +49 (0)3521-737918, Fax 737933

non metalic vacuum equipment, 3 x 400 m³/h at 80 mbarA
, SOLVAY, Belgium

Oct. 2007

We are looking for 3 x 400 m3/h , 80 mBarA at suction vacuum pump.

The gas to be handled is 58% mass Water, 10% HCl, 32% air.

Materials in contact with the process gaz can be made of graphite, ceramic, glass lined, PTFE lined, PFA lined or other non metalic material .
The only metal that could be accepted are Ta or Zr ( but... ).

Any suggestion would be wellcome

Best regards

H. Coninck

SOLVAY - www.solvay.com - , 1120 Bruxelles, Belgium
Coninck , email: hubert.coninck@solvay.com, Tel. 32 2 264 2433, Fax

water vapour removal, 4000 kg/h at 165 mbarA
, Air Technic Solutions, Holland

Oct. 2007

For a customer in Dubai, we need a vacuum equipment for removal of water vapour inside a proces vessel.
At this moment, the amount of vapour inside the vessel has a negative effect on the proces and they want to remove it out of the vessel and discharge it to the atmosphere.

In the vessel there is a vacuum of 165 mbar absolute (or -848 mbar).
The discharge is without any resistance, directly to the atmosphere.
Flow at inlet 4000 kg/hour. Gas composition 50% water vapour and 50% air. Inlet temp. 60°C.
Please, mail or call me in case you have questions or more additional information.

AIRTECHNIC SOLUTIONS BV - www.airtechnicsolutions.com - Stationsstraat 142, 5963 AC Hegelsom, Netherlands
Eddy SAIT, email: eddy.sait@airtechnicsolutions.nl, Tel. +31773275019, Fax +31773275001

Replacement vanes for a truck mounted rotary vane vacuum pump
, JAMES HARDIE, Newzealand

Oct. 2007

I'm after a set of replacement vanes for a rotary vacuum pump
mounted on a Ex-Japan Vacuum Loading Truck which is oil lubricated.
It currently is fitted with something like ferroasbestos vanes or similar?
The vane size required is 300 x 12 x 75mm - 6 off.

JAMES HARDIE - Newzealand
Neil STAVELEY, email: neil.staveley@jameshardie.co.nz, Tel. +6495254837

coated vacuum pump for HF gas, pompe à vide ébonitée
, ICF, Gabes, Tunisie

Sep. 2007

Nous cherchons des fabricants de pompes à vide selon la specification suivante:


1. Objet

Cette spécification a pour but de définir les conditions techniques nécessaires pour la soumission pour la fourniture d’une pompe à vide à anneau liquide destinée à équiper l’usine de fluoreure ICF sise à la zone industrielle de Gabès Tunisie.

2.Informations générales

- Installation : à l’extérieur
- Type d’industrie : chimique
- Atmosphère : marine, saline, vents de sable, traces de soufre, SO2, SO3 et HF
- Température ambiante : 0 à 50 °C
- Humidité : 0 à 90 %
- Mode de fonctionnement : continu 24/24 heures
3. Données de conception

3.1 Caractéristiques du gaz véhiculé

- Composition chimique : (air + vapeur d’eau + CO2) : 97 à 99 %, (HF + SiF4) :1 à 3 %
- Matières solides : traces de fluorure d’aluminium AlF3 à caractère abrasif.
- Conditions à l’aspiration :
- Pression : 380 mm Hg
- Pression au refoulement : 760 mm Hg
- Température : 40 à 60 °C
- Masse volumique : 0,85 Kg/m3
- Masse molaire : 31 Kg/K.mol
- Chaleur spécifique : 4 Kcal/Kg °C
- Débit massique : 1 700 Kg/h
- Débit volumique : 2 000 m3/h

3.2 Liquide d’alimentation pour formation anneau liquide

- Nature : eau de forage (eau industrielle).
- Débit : à définir par le constructeur.
- Caractéristiques :
- Résidu sec : 3,2 g/l
- Ca : 384 mg/l
- Mg : 136 mg/l
- Na : 412 mg/l
- SO4 : 1 306 mg/l
- Cl : 639 mg/l
- Pression : 1 bar
- Température : 30 °C
- Ph : 7,4

4. Prescriptions particulières

S’agissant d’un fluide très corrosif, il est impératif de :

- Prévoir la construction de l’ensemble des éléments en contact avec le gaz en matériaux ou en revêtements de matériaux adaptés chimiquement et mécaniquement.
- Prévoir une construction de l’ensemble de la pompe, permettant le remplacement et la réparation simple et rapide des pièces constituant la pompe.
- Prévoir les accessoires nécessaires (silencieux, séparateur, moteur électrique, châssis, ….)
- La carcasse extérieure doit être protégée par une peinture adaptée à un milieu chimique corrosif et en bord de mer (sablage SA2 ½ , couches 1, 2 et 3 d’épaisseur totale minimale de 225 µ)

5. Entraînement

Le soumissionnaire doit indiquer dans son offre les informations suivantes :
- Mode de transmission mécanique et caractéristique
- Puissance absorbée
- Puissance nominale installée
- Caractéristiques d’alimentation électrique

6. Documentation

Le soumissionnaire doit joindre avec son offre les pièces et documents techniques suivants :
- Références du matériel proposé dans des milieux similaires
- Plan d’ensemble, en coupe et de détail
- Fiches techniques et courbes de performances et de consommation

7. Garantie

Le fournisseur doit préciser dans son offre le type et la durée de garantie pour le matériel à proposer.

ICF - www.icf.ind.tn - 6071 Gabes, Tunisie
Zrigui ABDELMAJID, email: iicf.dapprot@icf.ind.tn, Tel. 2167522631, Fax 21674944

SIHI Vacuum Treatment Plant for Transformer oil
, ATMR Total Maintenance, Australia

Sep. 2007

looking for information on a SIHI Vacuum Treatment Plant for Transformer oil.
Unit built by Siemen-Hinsch mbH in Itzehoe, Serial Number PO4B12500

ATMR Total Maintenance - 4076 Brisbane, Australia
Kim DAWSON, email: kim.dawson@atmr.com.au

3 m³/mn vacuum degaser

Sep. 2007

Enquiry for 2 sets vacuum degaser, treatment capacity 3 m3/min
Thank you.

GOLD SEASONS INC. - 1041 Soi Nailert, Wireless Road, 10330 Bangkok, Thailand
Mimi HPU, email: gold_seasons@yahoo.com, Tel. 668 90006767, Fax 662 6553755

vacuum pump for pumping milk between vehicle and chiller tanks

Sep. 2007

We are looking for a vacuum pump to run with the PT shaft of a vehicle.
We want to use this vacuum pump for pumping Milk
from the Milk Tank installed on the vehicle to the chiller
and also for filling this tank with milk from the chiller.
Please guide us.

HAROON BROTHERS - 204 Soofi Chambers, Link McLeod Road,, 54000 Lahore, Pakistan
Haroon CHAUDHRY, email: haroon@haroonbrothers.com, Tel. 92 42 723 8421, Fax 92 42 723 0865

Sewage vacuum valve
, VAC SYSTEMS AG, Switzerland

Sep. 2007

We are looking for vacuum valve to suck sewage to a central vacuum tank.
The valve we are looking for will be fitted in a PVC pipe 40 or 63mm,
has to be very robust because of the sewage with different particle in it.
We think it has to be a diaphragm-valve with pneumatic control.
Ideally we can use the vacuum of 300 mbar abs to open the valve.
Otherwise we need a additional compressor to control the pneumatic valves
(please offer it as well, if necessary).

Ideally characteristics of the vacuum valve:
Diameter: 40, 63 mm
Coupling to the PVC pipe (rubber coupling or similar)
Working pressure: 200 mbar
On /off a day: 50 to 360 times
Normally closed NC
Medium in Pipe: similar to Sewage of houses
Low maintenance charges
Number of units per order: 50 pieces
Wall- mountable
Solenoid valve (pneumatic version) mounted; 24 Volt

Best regards,

S. Mathys

Vakuumentwässerung: Robustes Vakuumventil für Schmutzwasser

Wir suchen ein robustes Vakuumventil für die Vakuumentwässerung von Schmutzwasser. Das Leitungsnetz besteht aus PVC-U Leitungen PN 10.
Vorzugsweise ein Membranventil welches Pneumatisch betrieben werden kann.
In Idealfall sollte das Ventil mit dem in unseren Leitungen ohnehin vorhandenem Vakuum von 300 mbar absolut zu öffnen sein.
Ansonsten brauchen wir noch einen Kompressor um den Steuerdruck bereitzustellen (falls notwendig, bitte mit offerieren.

Eigenschaften des gesuchten Vakuumventils:
Durchmesser 40, 63 mm
Betriebsdruck: 200 mbar
Öffnungen / Tag: 50 bis 360 mal
Medium: Luft, Wasser, div. Verunreinigungen analog Hausabwässer
Geringe Unterhaltskosten
Einkaufseinheit: 50 Stk.
Magnetventil (pneumatische Steuerung) aufgebaut, 24 Volt
Ventilstellung: NC von Vorteil
Übergang auf PVC-U Rohrleitung mittels Gummimuffen oder Ähnlliches

Besten Dank im Voraus.

Freundliche Grüsse,
S. Mathys
VAC SYSTEMS AG - Switzerland
Simon MATHYS, email: info@vacsystems.ch

Siemens ELMO-G-BH1 vacuum pump
, V-Guard Industries Ltd, India

Sep. 2007


We introduce ourselves (V-Guard Industries Ltd) as a leading House Wiring manufacturer in india.

We have enquiry for an ELMO-G-BH1 vacuum pump for our insulating line.

Existing Vacuum Pump Details:

Make, Model: Siemens ELMO-G-690-14H26
Motor Details: 2.2 Kw / 50 Hz / 5.9 Amps, 2900 RPM
No.of Stage: Single
Permissible total Differential Pressure: 0.23 bar at +25 Deg C and 0.22 bar at +40 Deg C.
Temperature rise: 63 VT (K)
Sound level:72 [db (A)]
Inside Pressure: Max. 2 Bar

Please advice to us possibility of the supply the vacuum pump which will meet our requirement.

I am waiting for your kind reply, if required feel free to contact us.

Thanking You,

With Regards

Mr. Naiju Paul (Sr.Engineer - Prod)
Sasi Kumar.P (Supervisor-Prod)

V-GUARD INDUSTRIES LTD - www.vguard.in - Coimbatore, 641697 Coimbatore, India
Tel. 91-9443751124, Fax 91-0422-2656301
Mr. Naiju Paul (Sr.Engineer - Prod), email: qacab@vguard.in,
Sasi Kumar.P (Supervisor-Prod), email: prdcab@vguard.in,

HVAC / Air conditioning vacuum pumps
, NISHAN TRADERS, Bangladesh

Sep. 2007

Dear Sir,

We have find out your esteemed Company address through Internet and take this opportunity to introduce our company as Importer, Exporter, International Trading and Bangladesh Navy enlisted supplier since 1985.

We would like to Import immediately 05 (Five) in number of High Pressure Vacuum Pump that will be used to create vacuum in fridge, deep fridge and air conditioning machinery. Please see Specification is attached herewith.

If it is available as per attached specification kindly send CIF price offer up to Dhaka Airport, Bangladesh. Please also send us catalogue by attached mail.

If you need any more information please feel free to contact us. Your prompt reply would be highly appreciated.

Yours truly,

Shahabuddin Ahmed / CEO

NISHAN TRADERS - 163/A, Motijheel Commercial Area, Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh
Shahabuddin Ahmed / CEO , email: nishant@aitlbd.net, Tel. 880-2-7121154, 7113086, Fax 880-2-7112836.

Wasserringpumpe mit Antriebsmotor
, Hitachi Automotive Systems Europe GmbH, Germany

Aug. 2007

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,

bitte senden Sie mir ein Angebot über eine Wasserringpumpe mit Antriebsmotor zu. (Wellen- und/oder Riemengetrieben).

Technische Daten:
Luftdurchsatz: ca. 2900 - 3000 kg/h bei ca. 700mbarA
Motor mit entsprechender Leistung 400V/50Hz
Bitte senden Sie mir auch die baulichen Dimensionen der Pumpe und des Motors zu.

HITACHI AUTOMOTIVE SYSTEMS EUROPE GMBH - Lohstraße 28, 85445 Schwaig-Oberding, Germany
Rolf MAUS, email: rolf.maus@hase.hitachi-eu.com, Tel. +49 (0)8122 99582 19, Fax +49 (0)8122 99582 47

Bourdon gauges with clamp-flanges
, Hidonsa, Miami USA

Aug. 2007

Requiero una cotizacion del medidor de vacio analogico de Bourdon gauges para conexion tri-clamps, dial 2 1/2" hasta 30inHg

Gracias, HIDONSA - 1733 nw 79 avenue sa-552, 33126 Miami, USA
Hinoscky SOSA, email: hidonsa_17@hotmail.com, Tel. 809-949-9219, Fax 809-582-5989

BREY vacuum pump

Aug. 2007

We are looking for BREY vacuum pump.
Specification as follow:
BREY D8940 memmigen
Type: TH 71/81 , S/N: 72976
Manufacturer: DYNAVAC ENG P/L
Voltage: 240v 1ph 50 hz

Vincent GAN, email: tptrans@streamyx.com.my, Tel. +6073534295, Fax 6073534294

ELMO G vacuum pump replacement
, Rubin, Krusevac - Serbia

Aug. 2007

We are using a vacuum pump ELMO G. After many years in work pump is fouly.
We intend to buy a new pump but we do not not have any information about the old pump (capacity, power, other tehnical data).
The only information available is a number on the body of the pump : 232.102 21701(232.10221/1).
Pls. help us and provide information about this pump.

RUBIN - A.D. - www.rubin.co.yu - Nade Markovic - No.57, 37000 Krusevac, Serbija
Zlatko Markovic, email: zlatkom@rubin.co.yu, Tel. 38137412774, Fax 38137412691

150m Kabel für Ionengetterpumpen
, Imtech Deutschland, Germany

Aug. 2007

Wir benötigen kurzfristig ca. 150m Leitung gem. beiliegender  Spezifikation.

Sollte sich der Kabelaufbau nicht realisieren lassen, wäre es auch möglich die zusätzliche Ader ( Interlock ) als separate Leitung auszuführen. Die Leitung sollte jedoch den sonstigen elektrischen Vorgaben entsprechen.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Imtech Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG
i.A. Nicole Jungert

Imtech Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG - www.imtech.de - Stahlstr. 7, 65428 Rüsselsheim, Deutschland
Nicole Jungert, email: Nicole.Jungert@imtech.de, Tel. +49 6142 694 374, Fax +49 6142 694 315

16 m³/h vacuum pumps for composite manufacturing
, DUNOYER, Papeete, Tahiti

July 2007


Je me permets de vous contacter en tant qu’importateur dans le domaine du composite nautique en Polynésie française, lieu ou je réside. Je distribue mes produits aux fabricants de kayaks monoplaces et de pirogues de compétition.
Je recherche actuellement 3 pompes a vide pour une stratification sous vide des tissus carbone et kevlar.
Un modèle de 16m3/h environ serait adapté, en monophasé et avec 230V, 60Hz.
Pourriez vous me faire une offre pour 3 pompes a vides avec le strict nécessaire comme accessoires, le tout livré a Roissy chez mon transitaire ?
En vous remerciant
Sincères salutations

Serge DUNOYER - BP 21191, 98713 Papeete, French Polynesia (Tahiti)
email: dunoyers@hotmail.com, Tel. + 82 55 278 3221, Fax + 82 55 278 8541

"CE certificate" for G_200 gas ring blower

July 2007


FOR for G_200 gas ring blower type G200-2BH1510-7HH56

Paul NOONAN, email: paul.noonan@unifrax.co.uk, Tel. +44 (0)1744-887-624

ELMO-G side channel blower replacement for 2BH1810-7HC36
, HTS Elektrotechnik GmbH, Germany

July 2007

Unseren Kundenzeichen : AL40-1 (bitte immer zu bezeichnen)

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,

wir benötigen ein Angebot per Fax oder per E- Mail für Lieferung ihrer Ware einschließlich Preis und die aktueller Lieferzeit.
Bitte teilen Sie uns zusätzlich das Gewicht und die Verpackungskosten.

Menge: 1 St.
Beschreibung: ELMO Vakuumpumpe 2BH1 810-7HC36

Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Paul Kunz

HTS Elektrotechnik GmbH - Bessemerstrasse 82, 12103 Berlin, Germany
Paul Kunz, Tel. +49 (0) 30 - 340 60 60 491, Fax +49 (0) 30 - 326 78 769

vacuum pumps for air conditioners and HVAC

July 2007

dear friends,
please send me information about vacuum pumps for air conditioners and HVAC.
thank you very much,
mahdi zohari
tjm co ltd.

Mahdi Zohari , email: mahdi@zohari.ir, Tel. 0098-912-5260675, Fax 009821-55158166

vacuum systems for desalination plant

June 2007

Dear Sir,

Please introduce Your company for the vacuum systems for desalination plant,
let us know your charging person and contact point as detail for the subject.

Best regards,

DOOSAN HEAVY INDUSTRIES & CONSTRUCTION CO. LTD. - www.doosanheavy.com - Changwon City, Korea
Youngdae SHIN, email: youngdae.shin@doosan.com, Tel. + 82 55 278 3221, Fax + 82 55 278 8541

Viewport - vacuum tight flanged windows
, LISA UNIVERSITE, Paris, France

June 2007

I seek vacuum tight flanged windows incorporating ultraviolet transmitting materials (MgF2 or LiF).

could you give me some informations. I thank you by advance

Best regards

Thomas Ferradaz, email: ferradaz@lisa.univ-paris12.fr, Tel. (33) 1 45 17 15 36

150-600l Vakuumkessel

May. 2007

Wir suchen eine Preiswerte Lösung um unser Systemvolumen mittels Vakuumtank zu vergrössern.

Vakuum-, Druck- oder Expansionsbehälter für den Einsatz:
Druck: 0.2 bar absolut
Volumen: 150-600l tanks
Inhalt: Luft/ Wasser

Ziel: grosses /preiswertes Volumen um die Vakuumpumpen zu entlasten (Kapazitätserhöhung).

Freundliche Grüsse

Simon Mathys

VAC SYSTEM AG - Ostermundigenstrasse 69, 3006 Bern, Schweiz
Simon MATHYS, email: info@vacsystems.ch, Tel. +41 319540510

Filter for Rietschle vacuum pump
, BAXTER, Malta

May. 2007

Dear Sir/Madam,

We need filters for the following vacuum pump - RIETSCHLE D-79650 Schopfheim
Filter has different part numbers on it which are the following. 731401-0000 and 154918 01 03).

Your help is much appreciated.

Anthero Agius
MRO Buyer

BAXTER - A47 Ind. Est. Marsa - Malta, MRS3000 , Malta
Anthero AGIUS, email: anthero_agius@baxter.com, Tel. +356 2596 4103, Fax +356 2596 4902

10 m³/h liquid ring vacuum pump
, BUSSER Technologie GmbH, Germany

May. 2007

Sehr geehrte Damen, sehr geehrte Herren,

wir hätten gern ein Angebot über eine Flüssigkeitsring-Vakuumpumpe
(oder eine anderes System) mit folgenden Daten:

Saugvermögen: 10m³/h bei 50 mbar

Motor: 400V, 0.75 kW, 50Hz

Schutzart: IP55, Sauganschluß: G1"

BUSSER TECHNOLOGIE GMBH - www.bussertechnologie.de - Industriestr. 38, 28876 Oyten, Germany
Bernd BRAATZ, email: b.braatz@bussertechnologie.de, Tel. 04207 911120, Fax 042075519

Chlorobenzene vacuum systems
, TURAS Engineering and Trading, Turkey

May. 2007
Inquiry No:

Dear Sir,

Please note that, we need 4 off vacuum pumps
as described in the attached pages:
data sheets and P+I diagram

2 off P-5481 A/R: 120 m³/h at 5 mbarA
2 off P-5485 A/R: 8.2 m³/h at 370 mbarA

Please send your best offer for the subject vacuum pumps (CIF Istanbul), including price, delivery and payment terms and gurantee conditions as soon as possible. Thanking you in advance and looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Best Regards


Commercial Manager

TURAS ENGINEERING AND TRADING - Hamit Oskay Str. No:5/7, 34730 Istanbul, Turkey
Gokce TURGAY, email: gokceturgay@turastrade.com, Tel. +90 532 673 72 13, Fax +90 216 385 20 75

Vacuum pumps for vacuum metalizing
, AMBITION CARGO SE, Lahore, Pakistan

May. 2007

Dear Sir,

we want to purchase Vacuum pumps for vacuum metalizing:

1 - Rotary-vane vacuum pump
2 - Sliding vane pump
3 - Roots vacuum pump

If your company make these pumps so kindly inform us and send to us all specification of these pumps

Nisar Ahmed
Lahore - Pakistan

AMBITION CARGO SE - 29 G / V, 54000 Lahore, Pakistan
Nisar AHMED, email: nisar@ambition.com.pk, Tel. +92 42 6138382, Fax +92 42 5843258

vacuum pump for testing, 0.35 m3/h - 500-800 mmWC
, Alba Sales Corp., India

Apr. 2007

Dear Sir,

We require vacuum pump for testing purpose as follows
minimum vacuum 500 mmWC
maximum vacuum 800 mmWC
volumic flow 0.35 m3/hr

Kindly send you offer at the earliest.
With Best Regards,
Nadim Shaikh (CEO)

Alba Sales Corp. - Importers, Exporters & Suppliers of Specialty Industrial Lubricants, Oils & Grease, PU & Silicone Sealants, PU & Epoxy Floorings, Vacuum Pumps & Accessories, Machine Tools & Accessories, Specialty Water Treatment Chemicals, Industrial Adhesives, & other Industrial Consumables etc

Alba Sales Corp. - 5, Dattaguru Apartments, 91/B, Yeshwant Nagar, Talegaon Dabhade. Tal – Maval, Dist – PUNE, 410 507, India
Nadim Shaikh (CEO), email: albasales@vsnl.net, Tel. +91-2114-225014, Cell +91-9422 513315, Fax +91-2114-225014

ATEX vacuum pump, 10m3/h - 0.9mbarA, GlaxoSmithKline, UK

Mar. 2007

I am looking for the vacuum pump that's the our criteria:
- atex rated,
- compatible with solvent vapours (ethanol)
- capacity: 10m3/h
- vacuum level required: 0.9milibar

If you could help us in this case I will appreciate it.
Kind regards

ELMO 2BE1 152 0BY4-Z for Russia
, LEPSE JSC, Russia

Mar. 2007

We are looking for a vacuum pump ELMO 2BE11520BY4-Z (made in Germany) + 15 kWt motor 1LA5166-4CA10 for our needs.
Can you help us in this matter?
Maybe you can give us any info about this vacuum pump manufacturer so we could contact them?
So it would be nice of you. Thanks anyway!

LEPSE JSC Solnechnogorsk Metal Mesh Plant - www.lepse.ru - Russia
email: mesh@lepse.ru

Siemens Elmo Compressor for Helium gas
, Biwater SA, Argentina

Mar. 2007

For a tender, we need a quotation for an ELMO SIEMENS COMPRESSOR.
We are an Industrial Supplier (Reseller) / This is a Replacement.

Industry:     Nuclear Power Plant
Application:     Compressing Helium saturated with DI Water

Compressor to replace:
Manufacturer: SIEMENS ELMO
Model and serial number: 2BG 2189 # 9Z NR Nº 549778 and 549779 TS# 34812-3

No. of pumps required: One (1)
required Motor: 75 Kw, 2970rpm, 380 V, 50 Hz, 3 Phase, Motor Enclosure: Severe Duty

Application: Compressor
Pressure Required: 150 psig
Pump Flow: 175 scfm
Fluid: Helium saturated with DI Water
Liquid ring: DI Water

Pump Accessories:
Starter NO
Inlet Filtration YES
Discharge Filtration YES
Vacuum Gauge YES
Pressure Gauge YES
Inlet check valve(s) YES
Isolation valve(s) YES
Wiring, Panel or Controls? NO

Comments and additional information:

2000-2800 NL/min (75-100 SCFM) at 14.5 psig (suction pressure)
3000-4900 NL/min (125-175 SCFM) at 35.0 psig (suction pressure)
Discharge pressure: 1.03 MPA (150 psig)
Suction pressure: 0.10-0.24 MPA (14.5-35 psi)
Working temperature: 38 ºC
Inlet gas temperature: 38 ºC

Altitude: Less than 1000 ft above sea level:
Design temperature: 93 ºC
Inlet/outlet ANSI 150 lbs Flanges, 1.5in
Maximum ambient temp.: 41 ºC
Radiation during operation: 0.3 R/hour
Seismic classification: In accordance with the existing compressor
Construction Standard: ASME III, Class 3

The customer needs to replace an existing compressor and requires a complete kit (compressor, gear, electric motor and mounting skid)

Please inform if you can supply such equipment, or equivalent, and if you was supplied this kind of compressors to nuclear power plants.

Please inform the following commercial terms:
FOB List Price
Reseller discount
Recommended spare parts for 5 years (unit prices)
Export crating weights and dimensions
Quality Certification
Warranty terms
Delivery (ASAP)
Port of loading

Payment: Irrevocable and confirmed Letter of Credit, at sight, payable against loading documents.

Hoping hear from you ASAP, I remain, Yours very truly.

BIWATER S.A. - Santiago del Estero 2065, UF2, C1136ABQ Buenos Aires, Argentina
Ing. M.F. Beltrán de la Peña, Director, email: mfbeltran@fibertel.com.ar, Tel. +5411-4305-6797, Fax +5411-4305-4027

vapour recompression under vacuum

Feb. 2007
15000kg/h of water vapour at 300 mbar(A) and 72°C shall be recompressed to 500 mbarA
The vapours are 100% water vapour with Max. 3% of droplets.
Really tough job, who is able to supply a solution?

AIRTECHNIC SOLUTIONS BV - www.airtechnicsolutions.com - Stationsstraat 142, 5963 AC Hegelsom, Netherlands
Eddy Sait, email: eddy.sait@airtechnicsolutions.com, Tel. +31773275019, Fax +31773275001

NASH SC-6 liquid ring vacuum pump
, Ballarpur Industries Ltd., India

Feb. 2007

Dear Sir,

You are requested to send your best offer for below mentioned vacuum pump.


Pls. let us know your distributors in india as well.

Pls. reply it immediately after receipt of this mail.

Thanks& Regards,

Eknath Patil, Executive Commercial Ballarpur Industries Ltd. - www.bilt.com - Unit Bhigwan, India
Eknath PATIL, email: epatil@bilt.com, Tel. 0091 2118 248201-12 Ext.276, Fax 0091 2118 248228/26.

Vakuumpumpe für Service Wagen
, Mayer Maschinenbaugesellschaft mbH, Tittmoning, Germany

Feb. 2007

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,

wir benötigen für unseren Service Wagen eine Vakuumpumpe, das Kundendienstarbeiten an hydraulischangetriebenen Fahrzeugen ohne Öl abzulassen durchgeführt werden kann.


Schillinger Franz

Mayer Maschinenbaugesellschaft mbH - www.siloking.de - Kehlsteinstr.4, 84529 Tittmoning, Germany
Franz Schillinger, email: franz.schillinger@siloking.com, Tel. 08683/8984-76, Fax 08683/8984-79

Sampling pump, for Flue Gas
, Abyssina Builders (M) Sdn. Bhd., Malaysia

Jan. 2007

Dear Sir,

Good day. I'm looking for

QTY 1 Portable Single Stage Sampling Vacuum Pump

Capacity 13.5 cfm - 13.4 m3/hr
Operating pressure 29 Hg VAC
Suction size 1" , Discharge size 3/4 "
Handle fluid Flue Gas, Fluid Temp 100 Deg C
Pump type Horizontal
Pump speed 1450 rpm
Motor 240V / 50Hz

For the detail specification please refer to the attachment pump data sheet motor data sheet

Kindly forward to me the quotation inclusive data sheet and detail specification as soon as possible on or before 15/01/2007.
Thank you.

Hasmida Harun

Abyssina Builders (M) Sdn. Bhd. - www.abyssinabuilders.com - No. 5A, 1st Floor, Jln. Mamanda 7, Ampang Point 68000 Ampang Selangor, Malaysia
Hasmida Harun, email: datokamal@abyssinabuilders.com, Tel. +60342568989, Fax +60342517989, Mobile +60162334001

Aluminium vacuum chamber
, VisiTec Microtechnik GmbH, Germany

Jan. 2007

Dear Sir,

we searching for a production facility which can produce

(1) Aluminium Vacuum Chamber (Al Mg 4.5 Mn),

rectangular, size 2900 x 2500 x 2920 mm, thickness 60 mm,
welded, with front door, vacuum 10exp-6 mbar.
CAD files already available, delivery April-May 2007

VisiTec Microtechnik GmbH - www.visitec-em.de - Grüner Weg 6, 23936 Grevesmühlen, Germany
Martin KLEIN, email: klein@visitec-em.de, Tel. +49 3881-79049, Fax +49 3881-79048

Vacuum pump oil
, Nazir & Sons International, Pakistan

Jan. 2007

Dear Sir,
We would like to introduce ourselves as registered supplier of various types of machinery, tools, raw Material and electronics items with many of government and private sector organizations in our territory. With our enquiry #2495 we would like to purchase on urgent basis:

01    1407K 15     DUO-SEAL VACUUM PUMP OIL     1 GALLON

You are requested to please send us the literature along with your offer on F.O.B/ C&F Basis for submission to the customer.
You are requested to please reply through return mail.
Anxiously waiting for the reply and Thanking you in anticipation.
Best regards

Mobeen Ashraf
Manager, International Purchase Department.

Nazir & Sons International - 2nd Floor, Pracha Plaza, Faisal Shaheed Road, Taxila, Pakistan
Mobeen ASHRAF, email: nazirsonpvt@hotmail.com, Tel. 0092-51-4547995, Fax 0092-51-4547997

Ejector for hydrogen recovery
, MEHYA CO., Deira, UAE

Jan. 2007

Dear Sir,

Please be advised that we are looking for one Ejector for circulating of Hydrogen for PEM Fuel cell as following:

This ejector should be installed in the PEM Fuel cell exit and recirculation Hydrogen to the fuel cell entrance.
The condition for this ejector is as following:
- Flow rate of Motive H2: 50 SLPM (S. Liter per minute),4.5 bar(absolute),Temperature : 60 centigrade degree
- Flow rate of Suction H2: 50 SLPM (S. Liter per minute) , 2.3 bar(absolute),Temperature : 65 centigrade degree
- Flow rate of Discharge: 100 SLPM (S. Liter per minute) , 2.5 bar(absolute),Temperature : 60 centigrade degree

The humidity of Hydrogen is around 100%. Local atmospheric pressure at 1 bar .

According to the above specification, can you send us some information and offer us details and price of suitable ejectors.
If your field is not related to our inquiry, can you introduce any manufacturer for ejector?
Waiting for your kind reply.
Best Regards

MEHYA CO. - Benthani plaza building, Deira, UAE
Mohammadreza ASHRAF, email: m2006ashraf@gmail.com, Tel. 00 97 142284225, Fax 00 97 142284227

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